Tuesday, July 3, 2012

James Washington

James Washington, #386318, Florida State Prison, 7819 NW 228th Street, Raiford, FL 32026.

James a strong muscular black male, currently in for a life sentence and is
hoping some day for legal help to get that reduced. He is 47 years old, has a
very ill mother who rarely writes and a half-brother and half-sister who have
basically disowned him and do not write.

At this time, I am his only contact with the "outside world", and James would
love to find a few other people who can write him. I have always found him to
be honest and very intelligent in his writing. Also, he has never asked me for
money which I respect a lot. I have written a few other inmates and after 2 or
3 letters they ask for stamps and money and they keep asking for more. James
never asks for money but often does ask for other favors - like printing out
words to a few favorite songs and finding articles about a sports team. Or
sometimes he asks me to locate through web research an old friend or relative.

He considers himself bisexual and would love to hear from women or men - with
friendship being the main goal of correspondence.