Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Terrance Edwards

Terrance Edwards286485
NLCI; PO Box 4000
New Lisbon, WI 53950

"What's up, for all those that's interested. I'm still currently incarcerated, I have been for the last ten years. I guess I can say things are going well, the time is still progressing. And everyday proves to be more promising. Also, for those who e-mailed, yes it's me, staying strong, holding on. I hope to hear from you. Write me at above address.

My name is Terrance Edwards. I'm 39 years old, born Oct. 27th, 1972. I'm 6', 200 lbs, African American. I'm incarcerated for armed robbery. I'm currently going through the stages for appealing my incarceration so I prefer not to say just how much time I have left just yet, because I'm trying to give it back . Before incarceration I lived in Milwaukee. I'm just like every other perfect human being that makes mistakes. I do not believe in religion but I do believe in God Almighty, the Creator of us all . I love to listen to music- preferably Jazz, but I like a lot of other music as well .

I love to work out- whether it's in the gym or the bedroom. I also love to travel- see new people, new places, new things. I have no friends or moral support. I'm more of a pariah-loner. I'm a handy many. I like to work on houses and buildings. I also work on cars. I'm a music writer and a poetry writer. I also create artwork, unique drawings and paintings. I love beautiful, intelligent, independent, motivated women- no matter how they look because the real beauty of a person dwells within them. I'm said to be a very good looking man. I can't send any pictures now because I am in segregation,. I'm looking for some true friends-( maybe more), that I can obtain positive energy from. Although I'm a respectable convict- "rough neck", I believe in being straight forward as a single man.