Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clifton Rice

Clifton Rice #323142
P.O. Box 4000
New Lisbon, Wi. 53950

My name is Clifton G. Rice. I am a black man, 5’ 10”. 211lbs., brown eyes and I am a strong man of God. I am 40 years old am old fashioned as to the love and respect of women. I am looking for a woman that love’s God and puts Him first.I love taking long walks and playing in the snow. I like movies and spending a lot of time with my family. I have kids!! And as I am a one woman man, color is no deal to me. I am a very affectionate man and love to show women that I am sensitive to how much they are needed every day. I put God at the head of everything. I also like working on cars, and I am working on being the minister that God has called on me to be. I love to help people where I can.
I am from Michigan and I am in prison because of child support. I am looking for a woman that is 37-50 years if age and has an open mind about the love of God. I also like to hear how people’s days went and to know how things are going with the women in my life. I also love sitting with my kids and doing their homework with them and playing games with them and taking the family to the park.
If there is anyone that needs a word from a brother in Christ, or just needs a friend, just write me. Know that we will let the spirit move in our life.