Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joshua Gann

Joshua J. Gann #297006

Green Bay Corr. Inst.
P.O. BOX #19033
Green Bay, WI 54307-9033

D.O.B. 01/18/79 (30) Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 Ibs.
Green eyes/Brown hair, (But I keep a shaved head).
Occupation: (On streets), Tattooist-Madison area, German translations of literary works.
Religion: Aratru-(Neo-Germanic Paganism).
Diet: Vegetarian

Philosophical beliefs: Existentialism, objectivism, rational egoism.
Ancestry: Irish-American-second generation. Born & raised in Chicago & Western Suburbs. Lived in: Janesville, Madison, (until 2008).

Release Date: 09/11/2014 (M.R.).
In prison for: Substantial battery (revocation).

Sports: I enjoy any Cardio/Areobic exercise, handball, soccer, football, soft-ball, mountain biking, long distance running, played baseball and obtained brown belt in Judo as a kid.

Activities I enjoy: Good conversation, better company and great times. I'm very spontaneous, and I love life and all the things that make it unpredictable and enlightening.

What I'm looking for: a woman who knows life is lovely even through the adverse times, strong faithed, minded and willing to be-friend a man on the inside. 30 years or older. I'm hoping to meet special friends, and maybe a woman who can understand the complexities of a man who has lived through many devastations, as my favorite philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche said, "A Man of Profound Sadness is Often Betrayed by Happiness".

Someone pull me into a pocket full of sunshine. I look forward to any correspondence and will answer any letters sent. Until then, stay lovely, this picture is last year, I'm a bit leaner. Don't be put off by the tattoos, I'm a lover. Also, I'm an avid reader, I am highly philosophical, love to debate politics, and hope to contribute to a cure for Ovarian Cancer through personal research, as I lost my beloved Grand Mother to Cancer on 06/21/2006. I'm very passionate about curing or helping alleviate those in pain who have dealt with similar situations...
FFUP asked him to write in more detail about his circumstances.;p
letter of January 2010:
Joshua Gann 279006-A; GBCI
I have been in segregation for 10 months as of 1/11/10. I was told yesterday that I would be getting put on administrative confinement.
I admit that the initial segregation time was warranted, as I go into a physical altercation w/a few correctional officers, however, this was in part due to a 15 year battle with a mental illness called post traumatic stress disorder, and the system’s reckless handling of my medication. They stabilize you, then they take you off medication/psych therapies that are necessary to maintain that imperative, they often opt out and give medications used to treat mental illnesses in the 1960s-70s over newer more effective (less side effects and more expensive medications). I was told by a specialist that my P.T.S.D. was like that of a combat war veteran, to my benefit I have been treated by non-prison doctors who have taught me many ways to persevere, however the inhumane, non-professional treatment of prisoners who have went form “patients” to “psychologically tormented inmates” after mental health systems deinstitutionalization of the late 1980’s is staggering and heartbreaking because I am a high functioning ( an overall I.Q. of 139 on the WAIS III 99%)
I try to advocate for those less fortunate who suffer the demons of mental illness , and green Bay tend to disproportionately house us with an “axis I” mental health issue in segregation. But there is so much one man can do, however, I refuse to let current environment (solitary confinement) demagogic conditioning, or feeble attempts to break my spirit by the officials “in Charge” determine who I am . I love those who need my sound advice, when I can give it, and live by the more noble virtues- courage, truth, honor, fidelity, hospitality, discipline, industriousness, self reliance, and perseverance. Those of us who realize what my grandma (r.i.p.) told me (regardless of our ethnicity, religion, or political beliefs, who suffer from mental infirmities-spiritual or physical) tough times don’t last, tough people do.” Will overcome oppression and adversity and will by strengthened by the experience.