Thursday, August 4, 2011

David Hayward

David Hayward D5A6315-
Fishkill Correctional Facility
Box 1245
Beacon , New York

DOB 1-29-1970; Height 5'7"; weight 160; convicted of :Robbery 2005; Hometown Orangebridge, S.C.
My name is Dave-) for short. I'm 41 years old and I love music watching old movies and cooking and football, weightlifting. My highest grades is 12th grade. I'm looking for a special friendship that is true, trusting and honest. I've made a change n my life with the help of God, now I'm open and honest with my friends. I am an only child and I always feel lonely and that nobody cares. I want a new life ful of love and caring.

William Payne

William Payne 280194
I'm looking for a woman between the age of 25 and 65 for a penpal relationship maybe more.
My name is William Payne, my friends call me Bill. I'm 38 years old, 5'8", 225 lbs. I'm active in sports. My favorite pastimes are reading cook books. I'm interested in taking culinary arts. I love to have fun. I'm not into clubs. I'm laid back. I've been incarcerated 14 years. I have a substantial prison sentence. I'm due to be released within the next decade.
I love music, I'm compassionate, open minded, non judgmental. I need a penpal that is the same. I'm understanding and a good listener with a sense of humor. I keep up on current events in the world. I'm not looking for donations. I'm looking for friendship.
I would love to converse with a woman who shares the same qualities. Above all honesty is what I'm looking for in a penpal. I'm not into mind games and don't want to waste time dealing with someone who is. Only the serious need to respond. I will answer all letters. I don't care about color, size or ethnicity.

nathan Gillis

Nathan Gillis #273445
CCI; PO Box900
Portage, Wi 53901

Age 46
Birthday 1/5;
height 6'5";
weight 227 lbs;
eye color brown,
hair black
Convicted of : kidnap;
release date 1/1/2014

seeking just friends

Hello, I'm Nate and I am new to the internet. I am seeking friendship. I have a lot of ups and downs in life, but 90%of my problems stopped when I stopped drinking 15-yrs ago. I like to create and build unique things and relationships. Thank you for reading this ad. Holler at me and God Bless.

Nathaniel Allen Lindell

Nathaniel Allen Lindell 303724
Age 35, born Oct 1975
Brown hair, brown eyes
6'2" tall, 180lbs
Serving a life sentence since 1998
Convicted in LaCrosse County of murder, arson, burglary
Since my conviction I've studied criminal and civil rights law, filed many lawsuits, won some. My time is spent studying writing, writing(poetry, essays, stories, plays etc), trying to maintain my physical health and mental health . I do a lot of thinking, trying to figure out myself and the ways of the world.
As a life, not eligible for parole until I turn 72, and the I'll have to do another year for a bogus battery against a guard here at WSPF, I think I try harder than those with shorter sentences to make my life meaningful. Not only do I have several well cited published legal decisions, but I have had poems published in Hummingbird (a small WI magazine) Crazyhorse,(College of Charleston lit' mag)and on various websites. I ttry to use the life I have to make the world I am part of , even the prison world, a better place. Sometimes it seems like an impossible struggle, because so many seem intent on make the world bitter , miserable, had unforgiving, probably because that's how the people making it this way feel themselves.
I would enjoy hearing from anyone I knew before I came to prison, even if you feel we didn't know each other well. There's a lot of mistakes I made, I now realize, Which I'd like to remedy, as much as possible. Best wishes to those reading this. Don't any of you be stuck with your flawed masks or ignorant pasts. Contact me if you share any of my interests, or want to help.

I would gladly break your heart
But, there are these bars
Yet, if love from me
You really want:
Babe, we'll find a way to make them part.

Nate Lindell #303724
WSPF; PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

Jose T Reyes

Jose T Reyes 420128; FLCI
First of all, my name is Jose T Reyes, A.K.A. "Papito", I'm 5'7", 145 lbs, 100% Mexican, 27 year old; DOB 9-27-83, Libra, well built.
I'm fluent in Spanish /English, so don't hesitate to drop me a line and share your thoughts experiences with this young "single" man! I'm looking for companionship, someone who's honest , plays no games. Hope you take some time throughout your day to stop and read who's this man behind the pen-paper. I'm looking forward to getting to know you personally.
Hope you like what you see
Sincerely, with love,

Kendell Broughton

Kendell Broughton T94576
5150 O'Burns Ferry Rd
Sec 4T-192V
Jamestown, CA 95327

My name is Kendall. I am 34 yrs old, African American/Creole.. red hair 200 lbs, educated, down to earth..good sense of humor, seen many things in life, traveled many places.

A motivate individual who does not give up on anything..seeking friendship w/someone of character, down to earth..someone seeking to bond ..and share life's gifts. If you're out there extend your hand…in friendship.

Alfonso Emmanuel Washington

Name; Alfonso Emmanuel Washington 513016
Nickname: "Ice"
Age:25 DOB: 9/5/85
Wt: 145lbs Ht: 5'7"
Eyes brown, hair black
Ethnicity: African American, Hispanic
Convicted of : armed robbery, Felony murder
Likes: real individuals, intelligent women etc
Dislikes: fake individuals, poor hygiene etc

I'm incarcerated and looking for a beautiful lady to communicate with. So if you don't mind writing, be my guest.