Sunday, December 27, 2009

Josiah Poindexter

Josiah Poindexter #EL-0159
PO Box A
Cresson, PA 16699-0001

Hello! My name is Josiah Poindexter, I am 28 years of age. I am currently incarcerated at SCI-Cresson for possession of a firearm & possession with intent to deliver. My sentence is 4-12 years in which I have 4 years in on, and hope¬fully I will be released within the next 3 years or maybe even 2 if I get pre¬release. I am 5'6 inches tall, I have brown eyes & I weigh 170 Ibs., but don't worry it's all muscle. While incarcerated I enjoy lifting weights, reading, & trying to further my education to the best of my ability. My hobbies are as follows: working out, traveling, swimming, bowling, going to the movies just to name a few. I am very adventurous & I really enjoy listening to different genres of music, such as R & B, Smooth Jazz, Soft Rock R Classic Pock ballads.

I am looking for a platonic friendship with a woman who is honest, caring, & understanding. I am also looking for a friend that is goal oriented and wouldn't mind building on a mental level with me. As for my interest, Race is definitely not an issue, neither are looks. I am very big on personality & good times. I am very optimistic on meeting a genuine friend to help me get through some of these lonely days & sleepless nights. I will be more than pleased to hear from you soon.
Josiah Poindexter