Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leonard Mills

Leonard C. Mills #37728
PO Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

With the passing of my brother last year, I find myself alone in the world. So I am reaching out for friendship, hoping to find an understanding person to correspond with. I am a middle aged man hoping to correspond with anyone who's willing to write. I am 177 lbs, 6' tall, considerate, loving and caring man. I'm originally from Jacksonville, Florida, however I was mostly raised in Milwaukee. I do not have kids... I love them, just never been blessed with them. I'm in prison for taking money that didn't belong to me. I have corrected my error, my only problem now is loneliness.

I'm not a person that's into looks, life has taught me to look upon the heart. Now knowing that's where real beauty comes from! I like to have fun, by way of correspondence through the mail, to talk about anything... life in general. I've come to the understanding that loneliness is such a bad state to be in. My loneliness compels me to search out friendship, someone I can talk to, who I can share with, all for the sake of friendship. We've all made our share of mistakes in life. Having someone to talk to is very important to me!!

In closing, it is my hope that I hear from you so I can properly introduce myself.