Wednesday, June 22, 2011

John Signorile

John Signorile 488378
GBCI; PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

I’m 35 yrs old , 5’8”, 192 pounds, brown eyes and I shave my head. I have a thin goatee I have both ears pierced, and I have nice tattoos. I only have 1 year and 4 months left on my prison sentence then I’ll be released.

Im in prison for transporting stolen items to different states. Im from Chicago and I'm Italian. I do believe in God. I am catholic however, I’m not a religious fanatic. Im into weightlifting the gym is my second home. I’m in really good shape. Th ereason I’ve mentioned this is because first impressions are usually very important. I am very loyal and genuine, very romantic, and passionate. The qualities I have just said about myself are 100% true, I’m not a fake in no way shape or form.
The reason I bring this up is because there are soso-oo-oo-oo many fake, cold hearted, two faced guys in here and out there that say they are decent, but in reality, they’re fake.
I just want to find one special woman who really cares and is willing to dedicate some of her time getting to know me.
I would preferably ask for an older woman in her 40,s or 50,s but I wouldnt reject 26 and over, just as long as they know what they want in life. When im released , I want to do some traveling, camping, renting dvd,s listening to music, getting a membership to a gym, and eating some decent food. Ive never been married and i dont have any children. Just recently I watched the Notebook movie and it really sunk in my brain and emotions that life and love is very fragile .I am very sensitive when it comes to romance, love and animals, most people who associate with me [family-friends] say I wear my heart on my sleeve. Ive only put myself on a web site once and all I ran into was women who didnt know what love was really all about i gave up. For those who read this im not out to feed anyone lies or play with anyones emotions, or take anyones love for granted. I am only looking for one thing....LOVE.
Maybe this is a stupid or odd way of finding 'TRUE LOVE* but i have to try it anyhow. The things i enjoy doing are, listening to music a few of my favorite artist are 3 doors, John Mayor,The Fray, PaPa Roach, Maroon 5, Staind, and Howie Day. I am a gym fanatic, the gym is my second home, i really get a rush from weightlifting, i have never done drugs, but i do drink occasionally, i like to go out to clubs to socialize and dance. Favorite movies are 'Titanic and Note book, when im released i plan opening my own gym. I have been locked up for awhile so it would be really nice to hear from a genuine woman. Before I wrap this up .I want you to know it gets really lonely at times so please don’t hesitate to write back. My biggest fear in life is to die alone.