Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LaColeon Hawkins

LaColeon Hawkins #436710 Columbia Corr. Inst.
P.O. Box #900 Portage, WI 53901-0900

To whom it may concern: "A true Friend!"
Greetings, Hopefully this missive finds you in the best of both health and spirits. Considering my circumstances I'm alright and in good health. My reason for placing this introduction letter on the web is to hopefully find ' me a "true friend". So it's my pleasure to reach you through the web, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is LaColeon Hawkins, but you can call me: "Coleon" for short. I'm 26 years young, (far from being wet behind my ears), I stand at 6'2", 220 Ibs. I'm originally from Chicago Illinois, but I also have family ties in Wisconsin. I moved to Wisconsin back in 2000 on business, and in between operations things got real drastic, which caused me to deviate from my original plans which is the reason I now sit in this 8x10 bathroom doing confinement. Even with this situation I'm in, I'll never allow my mind to stop planning a master plan. See Ms. Lady, if you don't plan ahead, then you plan to fell. I stay introducing my mind to what will help it grow. After all, what's life without growth?

The only thing new for me is the probability, and anticipations of making a new (real) friend and/or associate. Especially of the opposite sex. I'm inter ested in getting to know a "true woman", one that wont turn her back to me like everyone else. We're all human, we make a few mistakes throughout life. The one I made is I shot and killed someone. All I can do now is ask GOD to forgive me, it's in his hands now. "I don't", have life in prison just to let it be known, but I do have a little bit of time over my head. I'm working on my appea as of right now, but it's hard doing time all by yourself.
Since I've been locked up, (2005), I've come to the conclusion that the street life is a part of my life that's in the past. There are good and bad results that come from that life style, and I've been unfortunate to have experienced both. This is my 1st and I pray, last time in prison. This is a place for losers, I'm a winner, this is not a place for me. I've realized that riches will bring you plenty of so called friends, but go to prison/broke and they gone with the wind. I was doing wrong for the right reason, and that was to provide for my family; If I didn't do it, who was?
You know that one saying, "Out of sight, out of mind", it's no longer a saying, it has become a fact in my life. If it's possible, I would love to hear from you, and if you do decide to write me, please send me a few pictures of yourself. No, it's not about looks to me, it's are you as beautiful on the insi as you are on the outside, are you? Even if you don't write me A.S.A.P., keep my info that way you'll have someone to chill with on paper. Hey, I'm the only diary in America, maybe even the world, that will and can write a response. Well I'll end this friendship application being always and forever...

Respectfully & Truly

LaColeon Hawki

GOD Bless