Thursday, December 31, 2009

Noe' Go'mez

Noe' Go'mez #347207
Wynne Unit
Huntsville, Texas, 77349

I'm a 45 year old Chicano from the land of the Frito Bandito. I'm interested in corresponding with the woman that enjoys what dreams are made of: sharing thoughts and listening to each other
My information:
Born : 2-20-64
mandatory supervision release date: December 2012
at the age of 18 I was convicted of murder in 1982 , for which I recieved 15 years. While in TDC, I was indicted on 3 separate felonies, two assaults andd one, a weapon. One assault and the weapn charge were eventually dropped but I recieved a twenty year stacked sentence for the other assault. I did15 1/2 before being released on mandartoy supervision, Oct 1999.

I was rearrested August 2005 on a charge of assaulting a police officer, for which I recieved  a 6 year sentence. I was a prison gang member for 20 years.Upon my return to prison, I chose to walk away from that life.
I am a writer in progress. Besides having already written several short stories, I've written "Interview a Pussycat Row ", a prelude to "Welcome to the House of Shame". These two works are a close look at the sniveling  inmates in todays's ad seg.

                                                                 Caramel Love
Snow white was born and raised Michigan white,
and Frito Bandito was born And raise down south, a Texas Chicano.
As fairy tales go, they married and lived happily ever after.
One of the htings their vanilla and caramel kind of love taught them , is the true joy of being able to laugh together, even over one another's not- so- smart jokes:
" What you get when you get a dumb Michigan Lassie and an even dumber Michigan Lad and put them together in the back of a potatoe wagon? " Frito Bandito asked the love of his life.
Snow White., smiling prety as can be, sighed and gave him her: "This sounds like it's going to be stupid" looks and said: "I don't know...Why?"
To her amazment he said: "dumb and dumber."