Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Titus Harper

Titus Harper 579735
OSCI PO Box 310; Oshkosh, WI 54903
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Jayden second Day of life lay under Daddy
My days are dark with closed eyes but soon enough it will shine blue with my freedom. I will say it's true

My Days In Bondage Won't Be Long

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Jalem at his third birthday on skates rolling

Jalem and Kaleb  with Santa

Boota And Bam-Bam Brothers in Arms

Kaleb loves laying on the floor-Why?

painted Semgale (Turtle)and 2  silver tale sharks

Titus SR and Titus JR

Trent Second day of life

innocent Trent sleeps but different and full of energy when awoken

Bobby Breutzmann

Bobby Breutzmann 522377
OSCI; PO Box 3310; Oshkosh, WI 54903

Ellis Johnson

Ellis Johnson
1111 North road
Po Box 800
Mauston, WI 53948

Happy 4th of July card, home made

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Ryan Rozak

Ryan Rozak 488882
FLCI; PO Box 200;
Fox Lake, Wi 53933

James H Luke Jr

James H Luke Jr #443244 GBCI, PO Box 19033 Green Bay. WI 54307

Richard Harper

Richard Harper 552150 CCI, PO Box 900 Portage, Wi 53901
Older post:
Hello My name is Richard Harper, I am 32 years old from Milwaukee , Wisconsin. I am currently serving time in prison at Columbia Correctional Institution located in Portage ,Wisconsin, just north of Madison, Wisconsin. I’m a single guy looking for a young lady who's down to earth .outgoing, and caring, and intel1igent and who's around 25 t o 3 0 years old. To tell you a little about myself, I am about 5 feet 11 inches tall, and around 200 fify pounds. I enjoy playing guitar, keyboard, and bass guitar,I am a metal head who enjoys going to concerts to see my favorite band and I like collecting CD's, and T- shirts of my favorite metal bands. I also like to collect guitars, I enjoy tattoo's,I have eight of them on my arms, and I plan to get alot more after I am done serving my time in prison. I enjoy weight lifting/bodybuilding,and I like old muscle cars like hot rods, and 60's Mustangs,I also like harley davidson chopper motorcycles, and other vintage harley motorcycles. I also enjoy movies, and my favorite tv show is the simpsons. L also enjoy playing video games for playstation3, and xbox360,my favorite games are all of the call of duty games, and all of the grand theft auto games And the punisher game. If any young ladies are interested in getting to know me ,you can write to me at Richard Harper #553150, CCI, P.O. box 900, Portage, Wisconsin , 53901 .