Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anthony Longstreet

Anthony Longstreet MO4967
PO Box 500
Vandalia, IL 62471

Male; Weight 180lbs; height:

5’11”; race: Black and Bosnian mix; age 24 years

Mr Denell Jackson

Mr Denell Jackson 246851
RCI; PO Box 900
Sturtevant, WI 53177

    My name is Denell Jackson, and I am 41 years old. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by two loving parents. My parents raised me with good moral , manners , and respect in a God fear- ing home. However, between the age of 16-17 years old, I began experimenting with the street life of heavy lust and sex. Thus, this allowed me to stray away from my parent's teaching. Criminal thinking became more evident in me, and more easier to me. So I allowed myself to commit a terrible criminal act. Between the years of 1998-2000, I committed a number of sexual assaults, and was convicted in June of 2003 of 4 counts of 1st degree sexual assault. Immediately upon arrest I confessed to my crimes because I knew I was guilty. I sentenced to 60 -years. I am currentlyawaiting the opportunity to get in my sot program. I desire treatment greatly, so that I can understand why I did what I did? Also, so that I won't re-offend. I've been incarcerated for 10 1/2 years now. I understand that there may be other inmates who the Dept of correction that may deem needs treatment more than me at this time. Yet, it has been my experience that these people who they are trying to force in this program that have no interest in taking it. However, I do! Yet, they keep telling me that my M.R.
Mandatory release date. ) is too far away. So here I sit idly doing dead time, because my M.R. isn't until (2068 ) The reason
I am writing you this letter is in hopes that you, or any other organization you may know of, can help me get the ball rolling to convince the DOC to allow me to get into my program.
In conclusion, I want to say, I take full responsibility for my crime. I feel remorse for my victims, as well as their families. I know I was wrong, and that I hurt them very much, and possibly scarred them for life. Yet, I pray for them everyday. I hope they can go on to live productive lives. I desire to make an amends for what I've done. This may mean that the only way I can do this is to use the tools given me through the SOT program to not re-offend and create more victims. I also think it's worth noting that this is the first time I've ever been convicted of a felony. However, I know this dose not negate the severity of the offense I committed.

I thank you for the attention Mr. Denell Jackson.

Christopher Hoffman

Christopher Hoffman B-28565
Centralia Correctional Center
PO Box 7711
Centralia, IL 62801

Tommy Pruitt

Tommy Pruitt B-12139
PO Box 999
Pinkneyville,ILL 62274

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson 400434
Po Box 351
Waupun , WI 53963

Dirk Harris

Dirk Harris 172053
PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963