Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arvester Hawkins

P.O.BOX 351

I am now 30rys old and have been in prison is I was 17yrs old. My history is as follows:
•I grew up in the inner city in a single parent home along with 4 sisters,2 brothers,and an abusive mother.She left my father when I was about 5yrs old ,moving from St. Louis,MO to the state of Wisconsin.She left him because he was cheating on her with another woman,he let me know,and I told her.My father was a true criminal and as time and space allowed he taught me everything he knew.My mother allowed it because it brung money into the house, which meant that she did not have to work as hard.At the same time I somehow became her punching bag when she got made or stressed. School didn't matter as long as I was bringing money into the house,so like any child who is not forced to go to school I didn't go.When I turned 15yrs old I decided to changed for the better.I attempted to leave the criminal lifestyle behind me.I had been living it since I was lOyrs old even though it was all I knew I knew it was right.My change was met with resistence from family and friends.For every one person I had trying to help me I had 100 people trying to hurt me.Everything I tried was stopped by someone who wanted me to continue doing crime.I found work only to have someone close to me get me fired.I tried to go back to school but my mother refused to reinstate me.When I was 17yrs old, with everyone around me against and my mother deciding to move to Dallas Texas,I was left alone.In fit of rage and hurt I killed a man.I was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.I can't complain,in one way I took a life and in return my life was taking in another way my life was taken.Since I have been incarcerated I have made educating myself and understanding , people two of my main goals.I have mostly studied psychology but I also enjoy learning about different places and cultures.I don't have any family so I am looking for someone to bond with,someone to converse with and call a friend.My biggest obstacle is finding individuals who are willing to look past me being incarcerated and willing to commit to a takes time,patience,and alot of understanding.I believe that anyone can be friends,regardless of race or where they are in life (physically and/or mentally),if they try.I welcome all who are willing to reply...