Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marcus Richard

Marcus Richard #799940
Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene, TX 79601
My ad: (Would like a female, any race, age, religion, or male friends).
Marcus Antonio Richard: (pronounced like Ree-shard, Birthname).

Birthday: (March 7, 1973, Pisces, very spiritual person, 36 yrs. old soon).

Vegetarian: (only eat fish sometimes for health, 11 yrs. now).

Born & Raised: (Houston, Texas-Southside).

Skin Color: (light-brown, I'm Creole African American family from Louisiana).

Eye color: (Dark-brown, people say my eyes are deep & spiritual & pretty).
Height: (5'6", does yoga, meditation, astral travel).
Weight: (170 Ibs., have hypothynoidism Phynoids was too fast, now slow).

Love Music: (Isleys, Maze, Luther, AC&DC, Sade, ect., very romantic).
Love to read: (mostly non-fiction, very few fiction writers).
Never been married: (wants to these days, too handsome to be in prison).
Has 2 children: (a son & daughter, just found my daughter, looking for son).
Loves animals & children: (they seem to sense my spirits goodness).
Studies: (Esotenic, Bible, Qur'an, history, ancient mystics, ect.).
Shiite Muslim: (for 16 yrs., I'm very devout, I'm no terrorist).

Innocent of this charge: (att. Murder, it was self-defense, as evidence shows,
no one died, or almost died. No victim even filed charges on me, never wrote
any statements on me, did not even testify against me, but the state of course
lied, hid evidence, ect. I'm innocent...