Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vincent Pope

Vincent Pope 491915
RCI; Unit Waukesha East
PO Box 900
Sturtevant, WI 53177-0900

Hello ,
My name is Vincent Pope, I am a thirty year old Leo. I am a single black male . I am five foot eleven inches, 175 pounds., I have short hair, dark brown eyes and have a peanut butter complexion. A few things about myself: I have a 5 year old son, I enjoy writing poetry and books. Before I earned this case I worked as a dog trainer. I listen to all kinds of music, I also enjoy spending time with my son. I like to cook, play chess, watch movies and play sports. I believe a woman should be treated with the utmost respect, rather in friendship or in relationship. I also believe no relationship is possible without first starting a relationship. I believe friendships are very important. Outgoing, very intelligent and can always keep you with a smile on your face. I believe communication, trust, truthfulness and honesty, loyalty and respect makes any type of relationship last. It is my belief that things should be fifty-fifty in my type of relationship. I am looking for a lady friend whom I have fun with, learn from, and who will not be judgmental. I am looking for friendship with possibility of more. If you are the one I seek, I would like to hear from you. Have a nice day.
Vincent Pope

Theodore Simpson

Theodore Simpson 96A3862
Great Meadows Correctional Facility
Box 51
Comstock, New York 12821-0051

DOB: June 5, 1968-43 years old
African American
height 5'9"; weight 165 pounds; air : dreads
crime Murder 2
sentence : 66 to life
release date: 2063
seeking full figured woman for friendship possibly L.T.R.

I have decided to reach out to you in hopes of finding a responsible friend that won't be judgmental about men being in prison looking for love . I'm a caring and passionate man that loves photos,writing, and meeting people.

I have a thing for a great smile and cuddling, I usually date women who are over 200 pounds but will consider all who wish to connect and explore something new. I am open to relocating and hope to be back ion court soon to have these issues I am accused of overturned so I can be free again.

I have a story to tell, would you be interested? If so, you can contact me at the above. If you're looking for a dedicated man, I am the guy for you. I await your response.

John M Navigato

John M Navigato 574707
Dodge Correctional Institution(DCI)
PO Box 700
Waupun , WI 59631

I find myself often staring out of the window of my cell for hours. So I got to thinking how cool it would be to have penpal. I have been staffed here at Dodge Correctional since September 2nd and do not know how much longer I will be here as I have been told it take awhile to be staffed into Max. Saddly , the max prisons are full.
Okay- so here I am waiting and will tell you a little about myself. I'm 52 years old in good shape and I am an adventurer. I love nature. Fact is , seldom was inside my house-one reason this prison thing is tough. But I can hack IT!!
I'm single with 3 daughters and two granddaughters. My oldest and grandkids are living on the air base in Germany. My twins are at home and I pray doing the right thing. But I wouldn't be much of a dad if I didn't worry. Also, I 'm sure you hear this a lot! But I have been sentenced to life for a crime I did not commit. Wisconsin has this law called "party to a crime". Add that very loose law with a crook in the Kenosha DA and there you have it!!
So I am in need of some penpal and being a people person, I'll look at this as sort of an adventure.

Sincerely, John M Navigato

James Terry

James Terry 373986
WSPF PO Box 9900
Boscobel , WI 53805
Male/straight; French/American; d.o.b.: 7/14/64; 2024 release date; incarcerated since Nov 1998. Seeking divine intervention, let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. Remember the prisoners as if chained with them* those who are mistreated* since you yourselves are in the body also. Hebrews 13:13.

James Perry

James Perry 47808
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
PO Box 3310
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3310

HI, I'm looking o Correspond with someone that is serious and 100% at all times. I'm not just looking for a penpal, I'm looking for someone who is interested in a future together. I love working, looking, fishing, playing basketball, and spending time with my family. I'm looking for someone who knows what they want outta life, somebody that's got something good going for himself. Age and race in unimportant. I will respond to all letters, don't forget to send a picture, because I will send one too. I can't wait to hear from you.
Race: African American
Date of Birth: 4/14/1985
Projected release date: 1/27/2014
Height: 5'11'; weight 200 pounds
Hair : Black; eyes : brown
Children : One
Education: High School
Sign: Aries
Reason for incarceration: felony possession of a weapon
Willing to relocate: yes
Sexual preference: open
Age: 26
Marital status: single
Home city: Milwaukee

Glenn Turner

Glenn T Turner 244614
WSPF; PO Box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805

BIRTHDATE: 5/6/73; age : 38; Race B; height 5'9" height 5' 9";weight 172; eye color Brn; Hair: Black; convicted of 1st degree intentional homicide; release date: N/A; PED 6-18-2017

R-U- Tired of Games? Tired of Lies? Well so am I. So lets join together and create something special. I believe that the game of life is a game best played in Teams. Alone we've gotten this far, now lets experience the unlimited measures, "us" together can achieve. I am a single black man, 36 years years of age, 176 lbs with an athletic build, brown eyes and no children. I love to Travel. I enjoy reading, writing, music, writing poetry and meeting new and interesting people. Very loyal , dedicated and focused on success. A team player.... CHOOSE ME AND WIN !!!!

Delauren Omar Gordon Sr

Delauren Omar Gordon Sr #25918
Ionia Max Corr. Facility
1576 W Bluewater Highway
Ionia, Michigan 48846

DOB May 30, 1981
Sign: Gemini
Sex Male; Race: African American
height 6', weight 185; pounds; eye color: deep brown; hair: black
sexual orientation: straight; religion: God;
marital status:single;
convicted of : felony murder; Time: life; incarcerated since:2003;
hometown: Lansing MI;
seeking :Women, friends; willing to write friends overseas; seeking donations? Yes

DELAUREN Omar Gordon SR- a low to medium- maintenance man looking for something similar in a counterpart.
meat and potatoes- I'm sane and solid and sexy! And there is nothing superficial about me. I'm 100% Toro! So if you are a Queen who has been in search of something pure and unadulterated, you need to look no further than me.
Granted I'm "on lock", I possess redeemable qualities and bring much to the table. So it is only a matter of one (you) having the ability to demonstrate an "open mind" and "creativity" towards the ordeal I'm in.
From what I've gathered, the caliber of men who exist out there nowadays lack substance and are overrated. So if you are a Queen with an urge and taste for something new, try me and see ow you like the flavor.
I'm in need of a friend, someone to exchange warm, subtle thoughts with on a letter to letter basis to help take the edge off the ay and fill the void. And I am willing to reciprocate.
Take care and stay beautiful!

Arvester Hawkins

P.O.BOX 351

I am now 30rys old and have been in prison is I was 17yrs old. My history is as follows:
•I grew up in the inner city in a single parent home along with 4 sisters,2 brothers,and an abusive mother.She left my father when I was about 5yrs old ,moving from St. Louis,MO to the state of Wisconsin.She left him because he was cheating on her with another woman,he let me know,and I told her.My father was a true criminal and as time and space allowed he taught me everything he knew.My mother allowed it because it brung money into the house, which meant that she did not have to work as hard.At the same time I somehow became her punching bag when she got made or stressed. School didn't matter as long as I was bringing money into the house,so like any child who is not forced to go to school I didn't go.When I turned 15yrs old I decided to changed for the better.I attempted to leave the criminal lifestyle behind me.I had been living it since I was lOyrs old even though it was all I knew I knew it was right.My change was met with resistence from family and friends.For every one person I had trying to help me I had 100 people trying to hurt me.Everything I tried was stopped by someone who wanted me to continue doing crime.I found work only to have someone close to me get me fired.I tried to go back to school but my mother refused to reinstate me.When I was 17yrs old, with everyone around me against and my mother deciding to move to Dallas Texas,I was left alone.In fit of rage and hurt I killed a man.I was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.I can't complain,in one way I took a life and in return my life was taking in another way my life was taken.Since I have been incarcerated I have made educating myself and understanding , people two of my main goals.I have mostly studied psychology but I also enjoy learning about different places and cultures.I don't have any family so I am looking for someone to bond with,someone to converse with and call a friend.My biggest obstacle is finding individuals who are willing to look past me being incarcerated and willing to commit to a takes time,patience,and alot of understanding.I believe that anyone can be friends,regardless of race or where they are in life (physically and/or mentally),if they try.I welcome all who are willing to reply...

Anthony Day

Anthony Day 416184
PO Box 200
Fox Lake, Wi 53933

Name: Anthony "Ant" Day
Height: 5'8";weight: 195;
race: black male;
relation: single and ready to mingle;
area I'm from: Milwaukee, WI "northside";
DOB: 3/10/86;
favorite colors : blue, red orange
Hobbies: reading, cooking, skating, spending time with my family; and cutting hair
Hair color :black

I'm placing this ad I hopes of finding a true friend and maybe a special someone to share my dreams ,hopes, fears and goals with. I've never had a true solid friend because of the life I was living. In never really experienced the love of woman where love came for the heart. Being that I'm making changes in my life and have a different outlook on life, I would like to experience friendship and love, if it's possible. I would love for a woman to show me a different side of life and help me complete myself. I would love to find my soul mate some day.
If you can find it in your heart to give a man like me a chance to be a part of your life I promise to be the bestest friend/penpal you could ever have. I'm a different person than I as before, and I'm really trying to be as loyal and genuine as I possibly can.

Curtis Jackson

Curtis Jackson #232014
Thompson correctional Center
434 State Farm Road
Deerfield, WI 53531-9562
To that special someone.

A lot has changed in the past two years, fought a couple cases and my girl traded places. But it's okay, I refuse to let the coldness of someone else's heart harden mine. I'm sure there's a woman out there who appreciates the making of a good man. I know I'm not perfect, I only strive to do better. Right now I stand alone reaching out for an independent, secure, ambitious, goal oriented woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it. That's a reflection of me, some people wait on their big break, I believe in creating my big break> I'm not caught up on looks. The most beautiful woman could have a cold soul. I value character, integrity and most of all loyalty. I know the unfortunate circumstances that surround me, but if you keep an open mind it's perfect timing.
Your truly, Curtis Jackson

PS: The past reminds us of where we've been it doesn't have to dictate where we're going.