Sunday, December 27, 2009

Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson £308-442
Western Corr. Inst. 13808 McMullen HW. S.W
Cumberland, Maryland 21502

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! Every size, shape, and height under the rainbow. I want to hear from you. Race and looks unimportant. Ladies have you ever met a man who'd enjoy nothing more than leaving your mailbox bursting at the seams, at least four times a month? Been searching for someone not shy about lathering you in lengthy letters as well as rapid replies to your missives? If so, look no further. Regardless where you reside on this planet, write me, and you'll receive an immediate reply. Likewise, I'm seeking a long term pen-pal, who's
as adamant about writing as I am. No procrastinators, pretenders, game players, or excuse makers. I'm looking for my pen-pushing equal who's enthusiastic about meeting new people, cultivating genuine friendships while remaining open to whatever follows.

My name is Larry Johnson, though I prefer to be called "You". T am a 35 year old Washington D.C. native with a cashew complexion and sable eyes, and walnut-brown hair that hangs in long Natty "dreadlocks". My beard is also "locked". I am 6*1" and weigh 180 Ibs. Many people comment that I carry the appearance of one of Bob Parley's descendants. I am a devout Rastafarian and vegan. I am a wonderful listener who loves to hear about others' hopes, dreams, goals, & plans. Need to rant & rabe, I have a receptive ear. I am outgoing, and non-judgmental. I love the outdoors and exposing myself to new places X things. I'm an avid reader who's intrigued with the dictionary as I am any book. I'm fascinated with words and the power they posses and conjure. My reading habits span books and magazines to newspapers, the Pible and legal case law. My television interests center around "News" programs, current events, cultural features, and channels like (CNN, Nat. Geo., Discovery).

My guilty pleasures are The Young & Restless, General Hospital, and movies. Though not a huge sports fan, I enjoy Boxing. A.side from reading & writing, drawing is one of my passions. I am most motivated to draw when I have someone in my life to draw for. I am single, have never been married, and have no children. I am wholeheartedly seeking that "Special Someone" who'll replace the lingering loneliness I currently live with, with warm words and an open fledgling friendship.
P.S. If absolutely necessary, I will forward stamps & envelopes to a worthy woman. No excuses...
Larry Johnson