Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eric Mendez

Eric Mendez fP-66097 Pelican Bay State Prison
P.O. BOX #7500 Crescent City, CA 95532

Hi! As you read these words, I hope they find you with a big smile. I'd like to introduce myself so we can get to know each other and put aside the common set standards that often get in the way between good people; such as, Race, Religion, Weight etc... ?My name is Eric Mendez, I'm 28 years old, from California's Bay area. I stand tall at 5'9", brown complexion, nark Brown eyes, and Dark hair. I'm a prison artist/illustrator that likes music, cars and sports amongst many other things. I'm looking for someone to correspond with and share some laughs. Someone with a sense of humor, someone who is not afraid to speak her mind and confident enough to take a chance. Someone who is willing to go that extra mile, if needed, just as I would.

I'm looking for someone real, not perfect, (NO one is). I can assure you, you wont be disappointed; you'll be surprised. I'm unlike the people you've met, unlike any man in your past. I know you've heard this before, but if you allow me to, I can show you how true my words are. Unfortunately, circumstances in life have led me to these prison cells where I've spent the last 11 years of my life, but I am lucky enough to have a release date not to far from now. I hope my current situation does not in any way discourage you. I'm just trying to give you a glimpse of the man behind the pen, with the hopes of meeting on common ground and getting to know each other. I can't wait to get to know you! I'm sure you're a fascinating woman full of good surprises. So pretty lady, don't keep me waiting, I'm all yours, you have all my attention. I close these words with the utmost affection...
Yours Truly, Eric Mendez