Monday, September 20, 2010

Rosario Fuentez

Rosario Fuentez #398164
CCI; PO Box 900
Portage, Wi 53901

Age 26
Weight 182 ½
Height 5’8”
Nationality: Mexican, Indian, African American
hobbies: basketball, working out, reading
weaknesses: strong opinions, and bad habits
status: single

seeking female friendship ages 20 to 60
Am seeking a friend with a strong personality, who understands misfortune and the misguided. I am only seeking friendship, but am willing to go further if God points us in that direction. I see things with an open mind and would like a person who does the same. Physical appearance is not a necessity, I believe God gives us all something somebody else can love.
About me:
My name is Rosario Fuentez, most people call me Zoe for short. Am currently incarcerated due to unfortunate circumstances. I have been incarcerated for 2 ½ years. I am a very easy going person with a personality that oversteps boundaries and barriers. I am a firm believer in honesty and respect. I stand by every decision I made in life, either wrong or right. I have no regrets in living how others are afraid to. I like to explore friendships to the peek of its existance. If you’re looking to explore, then please don’t be afraid to live.