Wednesday, September 23, 2009

William Irving

William Irving #182906
300 East Pedro Simmons Drive
Charleston, MO 63834

I'm a 5'7", 160 Ibs. S/B/M from Kansas City, Missouri who likes writing poetry, songs, raps, working out 4 times a week, drawing, and reading in my spare time. I've had some Small Business Management training. In music I like R&B, Pop, Rap, and some Country music. I like to party with Girlz Gone Wilddd. I'm not predisposed to race, and I'd like to correspond with women 22-54 yrs. old. Photos are welcomed. My favorite color is red, my nickname is "Will Dawg". I believe that everyone is merely a fraction (1/2), until equationed with anothe (1/2+1/2=1).

Proverbial ten and a half hour glass configuration math.
Touch of ensilken exhilarance, lyrical poetry deared-in-motion, hence.
Pools of pleasure sketched in her eyes, hopingly detailed with stars inviting I.
Babe of beauty I do insist, Babe of body, who could resist?
The summing of her sun...

Silken Aster
She is so a silken aster about a field, fragrance fairing acres; atmosphere Entertaining the sunand warm seasons alike. Akin to noblety, nectar at the heart;
essence of honey honeybees and hummingbirds convete.
Dear natured melodic-harmonious. Who could frown at a blossoming aster?
In her living poetry writing beneath an applauding sun. And, whosoever shall grace her presence is surely blessed. For they discover, as many have learned; Her kiss is sweeter than legend and lore... I sweeter than legend and lore, massaging passions of the dead. .

William Irving

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