Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eric Check

Eric Check #428936
CCI; PO Box 900,
Portage, Wi 53901

Note:With Eric and a few other prisoners here, we are presenting a fuller story than the little introductory blurb we usually provide. All prisoners on our blogs and website ( want and need people to write on the "outside". This man is mentally ill and in seg, yet easy to write and always considerate. If you choose to write him or another prisoner and want to use our forwarding service , please email .

ON 5-31-86 in LaCrosse CO. I witnessed my birth father kill my birth mother and then he comitted suicide. This all took place when I was only 3 years old. After the death of both my birth parents , I lived with my 1st cousin and her husband. On 6-02-88 I was adopted by my 1st cousin. I lived with them in Prairie du Chien( Crawford County).
During my life with them , I was subjected to both physical and verbal abuse by my step dad , I was even subjected to physical and verbal abuse by my peers. While in school, I was labeled "special ed" for slow learning problems. I had lot of negative behaviors during my school years. I did graduate high school in 2001.
I have had alot of behavior dysfunctions all my life. I have made some improvements here and there, but I still have my struggles now, since I have been an adult. I have had several situations where I self harmed Myself. A few required serious medical treatment.
I have been in prison since 2005, in which most of it has been in segregation status. For I seem not to adjust to prison life. I do alot on impulse alot.
Since being incarcerated I have had a lot of placements in observation status as well as bed-restraint placement. All dues to my mental health illnesses.
Now I have also basically had everybody give up on me. So I have been left to struggle alot. For I have no financial help with which I can get hygiene or anything else I need. I don't really receive mail that much. I mainly only get legal mail or catalogs I send out for. I barely get letters or money orders or cards.
So I just manage the best I can with my situation. My mental health and basic medical needs has gotten worse over the years.