Friday, April 8, 2011

Paul Hicks

Paul U Hicks #190489 GBCI PO Box 19033 Green Bay, Wi 54307

Greetings, My name is Paul Hicks. I’m a 42 years old, 5’61/2 “, 201 lbs. Black , Native American male. DOB 11-12-67. Born in Birmingham, AL. Raised in Milwaukee, WI. I enjoy , low Rider Cars, trucks, super sports Bikes, boat riding, taking long walks, cuddling, action movies, love all types of music but more so jazz,old school R&B, slow jams and classical and I’m an artist but love being a cartoonist. Just really enjoying life. Although like many, I’ve made some bad choices in my past and now I am looking for love. In my process of rehabilitation , I’m willing to start anew. I’m in search of a fulfigured woman ages 40 and up, with these same interests and taking a chance on a new love and maybe having a long distance relationship, good things and good times. I believe in second chances This is your door of opportunity.

Keith Rivas

Keith Rivas #3350547
PO Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

Gay Hispanic Male in search of letter and photo exchange with masculine in shape tops. I’m into tatoos, piercings and photography. I’m 6’2”, 270 lbs, shaved head, brown hair and eyes. I am 29 and a LEO in every sense of the word. Will answer all letters.

Jason Kurtz

Jason Kurtz 495483
WSPF PO box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805

Never married
No kids
Seeking female friendships/relaionships or friendly correspondance
Felony drug conviction

I enjoy working out, the beach, comedy, movies, dinner and a movie, church, helping, and showing love and support

James Black

James Black 468025
GBCI; PO Box 19033
Green Bay, Wi 54307

Hey Ladies,

Hi! How are you doing? Me, I’m doing alright considering current circumstances ( being in the clamps of the DOC). At this moment I am looking for a mature woman wh has a good head on her shoulders, doesn’t look down on my situation , will put a aside some time in her day for me and can kick it and converse on some grown folks issues!

I am 23 years old. I am 6’1”. 180 lbs with a muscular build. I have dark brown eyes and naturally curly dark brown hair. I am light- skinned brother with a very handsome smile and the knowledge and understanding of one who spends time educating himself. If any of you women who read this are interested in getting to know more about me , you can contact me at the above address.

Lorenzo Nichols

Lorenzo Nichols #216296

PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

Race- Black
Eyes-light brown
Build -muscular

To that special one.

My name is Lorenzo Nichols and I’m currently looking for a very mature woman who’s serious about building a long lasting relationship. I am 40 yeqs old, with a muscular build and light brown eyes. I wear a bald head with a neatly shaved beard. I’m looking for a humorous and energetic woman that’s serious about living life. I’m willing to relocate if so desired. I love to travel and cook gourmet food. For my hobbies I love to read and write letters and be affectionate toward my special one. Hope to hear from you soon. Ssincerely, Lorenzo Nichols


264 F.M. 3478 RD.

My name is DANIEL MART1NEZ, I'm a Hispanic male, 40 yrs. of age, but am here under an alias which depicts me as 42. My real name is Danny APOLLO. I am 6 foot, brown eyes, and hair, and weigh 200 pounds in hopes of gaining 10-15 more pounds. I love to work out, and run, and do so daily as there I find my solace. 1 have learned to become compelled to the art of criminal law, Out in IEXAS that can be both pleasure and pain, seeing that they are probably tne most arbitrarious of legislators around.

I've served 10 yrs on a 25 yr. sentence for the offense of AGGRAVATED ROBBERY which was anything but that. I had 5-25 yr. sentences consecutive of which 2 were concurrent. In English that means I had 100 yrs. But I had 3 of those reversed and ommitted finally. I now have my last 2 concurrent convictions. I come up for parole in 2 1/2yrs.

I've been given an another run at life. A chance to try things differently. I'm in college taking business administrative managemant, though I have to take the semester off as part of my reimbursment plan- I plan to go for my bachelors, and if given a set off will push for my Masters. I've had a bumpy ride at the onset of this ride, and have lost loved ones and several opportunities enough as to make me reconsider my life a thousand times over. I love to draw, and can draw all of what I see, and ½ of what I dream and imagine. I venture into all aspects of art. I have no vices accept for a terrible addiction to coffee. And still, even that I take in measure.

I'm a dreamer looking for purpose, trying to make it worth the price I paid. If there is such a thing as a happy ending to such a horrid story I beg the Gods to allow such an opportunity as to know it. I have desires to see the world, and have already visited alot of the U.S. I love to travel.I love the way Mother Earth has dressed herself in Fall, and love the cold sting of winter against my face. I love to dream, I love to talk. I love to read, and have found no book tabu save for cheezy novels. I have a great fascination for History, and my Native AnErican roots- And above all I have a great respect for that Life force that binds us all as one regardless if we choose to accept it or not. And I struggle to know that FORCE more and more each day. I'm writing a book- In fact it is my third, and I feel more from this one than the 2 prior. I feel like I have alot to share; both of my current situation, as well as seme swiftly taught lessons in life- I'd also love to hear of another's life-learned experiences, if perchance one could take me away from my 6X12 cell, if only for the moment.

I assure you that all mail is welcomed and your letter will always be responded to. I'm just a man reaching for something better, knowing that it isn't here. I thank you for your time, and anticipate your correspondence. So now I leave you with the greatest respect one could ever choose to make their own. Peace.

Danny King

Danny King #1450574
Luther Unit
1800 Luther Drive
Narasota, TX 77868

I would like to gain friendship by correspondence via postal mail service. I was born and raised in Texas. I am a single white male 41 years old, 5’9” tall , brown eyes and brown hair ,though I sport the bald look these days. Being in prison is not the sum of who I am, I am fun, daring, easy going, compassion for others, bit of a wild side and great sense of humor.

I’m not the average prisoner or a bad person. I believe myself to be a good man who made a few bad choices in life. Though I am in prison my outlook on life continues to be one of compassiion, optomism and joy. Hobbies, anything outdoors, fishing, boating, camping , gardening, sports, walks on the beach, etc.. Interests: God, family, music, books, writing letters, stamps collecting, etc. All who write will get a response.

Sincerely, Danny

Glenn Thompson

I'm here for a second - won't be too long. Then back to the free world - where I belong. I was thinking one day - my time might be better, if at mail call - I was to get a letter. It would help the time pass - and make my days fly by. Who knows, you may like it - so give it a try. A couple minutes of your time - introduce your self, and drop me a line. Hello, my name is Glenn. My friends call me "Redman". I'm from a small town here in Texas. I'm halfway through a five year sentence and am looking to make some new friends. I'm white,single,33 years of age,red hair,green eyes,5'9" and 1851bs. I enjoy heavy metal music,art, poetry,reading,making new friends and experiencing life. Hobbies include: learning guitar,singing,attending concerts and spending time with family and friends. In concert I've seen Slipknot,Lamb of God,Ozzfest'05', Motley Crue,Marilyn Manson,Staind and Sevendust to name a few. I also enjoy horror flicks. Favorites include:Halloween,Texas Chainsaw Massacre,The Lost Boys and other vampire flicks. I also enjoy reading fantasy,horror, and suspense thrillers. Currently I'm finishing the Inherritance series by Christopher Paolini, and am in the midst of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. If by chance I've piqued your interest, then give me a scream. I look forward to making your acquaintance. Mr. Glenn Thompson #1454729 James V. Allred Unit 2101 P.M. 369 North Iowa Park, TX. 76367-6568

Ronald Smith

Ronald Smith #478199
Green Bay Corr. Inst
PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

Ronald Smith
My name is Ronald. I'm a 6' 2", 240 Ib Black male. I'm 48 years old, my birthday is 3-6-62, which makes me a pisces. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I had moved to Madison, WI to start a new life, and I still made some bad choices and because of my big heart, I am here doing time. I have 4 years to do and I hope there's someone out there who is looking for the same thing I am looking for and that is someone to love. Just because I am incarcerated, doesn't mean I am a bad person. I know I am a good person, with a good heart, I just made some bad choices. I enjoy swimming, bowling, cooking, camping, slow dancing (to the right music), candle lit dinners, summer nights walking along the lake front holding hands, or just watching movies and cuddling with my queen. I'm in search of a full figured woman from age 43 to 60 with similar interests who may be willing to correspond with me and take a chance on a long distance relationship that I'm sure will be the best thing to happen to the both of us if you commit. I think that saying is tru that "good things come to those that wait"! Please give us a try, I'll be waiting. If you think you can ride until 2014.

Emmanuel Hamilton

Emmanuel Hamilton #439238
PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53963

Sometimes we often meet in the wrong place at the wrong time but that’s a negative reaction to thinking assuming worse in thinkiing absent positive thoughts and a greater understanding of sensitive acceptances to each others emotions who knows? We can’t predict the future but we can cleanse it of any negative sensations through letters of deeper integration we will become as one.. “friends”. ..
Emmanuel Hamilton #439238
5’8”; hazel brown eyes
27 years old

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eliezer Proventud

Mr Eliezer A proventud #305571
CCI ; PO Box 900
Portage, Wi 53901

"Two roads Diverged in the woods, and
I took the one less traveled by, and that
has made all the difference."
Hello everyone.
May these few words of endearment penetrate your innermost throughts, finding a mind that is open and receptive to meeting a man who can appreciate and respect a friend as all friends should be. My hope is to obtain a friend in someone that has goals and values honesty, i.e. a friend in someone who realizes that life has trials and tribulations- Someone I can share a real understand with ; someone I could be open and honest with ; someone who’s qualities I admire and whose interest and outlooks are interwoven with mine…if interested in a friendship with a young Latino man- then please contact me.