Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Philip Joiner

My name is Mr.Philip Dupreece”H” Joiner—EL and finally after serving 23 calender year’s without the love of a woman or family.after keeping my self away from trouble,and being a good enough prisoner,the system’s about to"parole me.” I have successfully completed the programs deemed needed including Anger Mgt; the Cognitive Group Thinking Program, CGIP!! I go back to see the parole commissioner,this “Feb”. He is either going to release me or send me to work release camp to stack a bank,then release me.

So I am looking for a super sexy female Pen—Pal. Allow me to introduce my self,Ladies.  My name is Philip Dupreece H Joiner—EL,I’m a very lonely 6 foot 4 inch tall, very well built muscular 200 pound African—American Man.With a nice smile,big strong arms,a deep voice,

I’m quiet by nature,active,outgoing,with a warm open—minded personality,a great sense of humor,and a high level of etiquette.I believe in being honest,open minded,caring,so I must tell you that,I love women, small or large measurement’s,it’s really unimportant.Just as long as you are truthful with me.

My dream and goal is within one year to have a Boutique open that caters to Petite and Large size women,that sales up scale shoes, clothes, bags,accessories, etct. I’m about to finalize an agreement,no sooner than I’m released with a couple of our American factories,that sale and create shoes from various exotic kind_ gator, boa, armadillo. ostrich plume etc.

I’m a man that finds great pleasure in seeing that my woman is satisfied,and I find pear—shaped women very alluring, and I’m seeking a companion to share lot’s of quality time with, I’m loving,passionate,and romantic, desire a woman that can really appreciate the gentleness of a”large—well endowed man”. So if you a re uncomfortable with me telling you this about myself, then we aren’t for one another.

I will never play cruel games with your feelings or your emotions,and I hope some woman can and will appreciate that about me. And I hope some woman out their likes my picture and will be interested in writing, so we can get to know each other, before I’m released from my current situation.

Yours Truly Mr Philip Dupreece H Joiner—ELc25l835
Washington Unit .WestRoom l2l9