Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marvellous Asha Xuah

Marvellous Asha Xuah
Greene K29392
Box 29
California Republic Represa
Postal Code: 95671

"Warning": Marvellous is forbidden Pineapple. Please be advised girlfriends, his poems shall melt your heart! But don't be bias due to his incarceration...
"Conclusion": Fair lady, you surely deserve to be thought a goddess! If you are, perhaps you may be aphrodite? If there is such a male engaged to you, let me enjoy your affections in secret, but if there is not, then I behest that I may be your champion, and that we may enter upon knowledge, wisdom, under­standings and cipher together in harmony. United and from being 2 humans we become one.

As when a gardener grafts a branch on to a tree and sees the 2 unite as they grow, and come to maturity together, so when our limbs unite in our clingiing embrace, the woman and the man are no longer 2, but a united completed force, possessed of a dual nature, which could not be called God or Goddess, but are at once both and neither. Yet giving you tantrid heightening pleasure. Fair woman, I accept you as you are. I am not interested in your particular body type, nor your race, nor your level of education, nor your political -beliefs.

Fair goddess, I love your feminine presence and in your beauty I worship you. Beloved dearly, I am free of society's strictures and moral judgments. With me you are at liberty to act out any fantasy of your pleasure, soft and accommodating, all rules and taboos are casted to the wayside. In many words, and in our special communications the outside world, with it's morality, its codes, its responsibilities, are banished. Anything and all is allowed; take the initiative. The pleasure principle and mental stimulations are all for you..
Without Prejudice