Sunday, December 27, 2009

Albert L. Brantley

Albert L. Brantley 470155
Waupun Corr. Inst.
P.O. BOX #351
Waupun, WI 53963-0351

I write this with hopes that it is life changing, and I am introduced to someone who can provide the type of support that keeps me grounded and focused. My name is, Albert Lavon Brantley, I'm 28 years old, 6*4" in height, 260 Ibs. (muscular build)...
I really expect to come into contact with some one, so I must let all you ladies know who I am.

For starts, my up-bringing was not easy for me, being the oldest was hard. I grew up in a single parent home with 1 brother & 3 sisters. Living in Michigan was okay, but not great for my future as you can see. Poverty led me into a life of crime when I was young, at the age of 16, I ended up in juvenile for Auto Theft, my introduction to crime cost me 5 years of my life. I was released when I turned 21 years old. While incar­cerated I acquired my G.E.D., and learned a vocational trade. Being locked up, I learned my lesson and proceeded to live my life here in Wisconsin as a produc­tive member of society.

Losing the love and support of my family while in juvenile, I was alone but determined to make it on my own. I was working and attending a Technical College; An accident took away my second chance. I was in a car accident that killed a person, and I was sent back to prison, even though it was clearly an accident.

I've been locked up for about 3 years now. My situation is dire to say the least, with no friends or family prison life is beyond burdensome. A constant struggle to survive. It is difficult for me to attempt to continue in bettering myself without any support from the outside world, which is the point of this website pasting. I'm looking for someone compassionate who under­stands that sometimes challenging situations acquire assistance. I hope to start a friendship that grows and last a lifetime...
Much Respect Lavon