Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris 471232; FLCI ; PO Box 200, Fox Lake, WI 53933
My name is Andrew, but my family and friends call me Drew. I am a mixed light skinned male, I’m 5’7”, with long black hair, I’m also 27 years old, and I am from Milwaukee., Wisconsin. I am a laid back individual,outgoing and enjoy a good conversation.I'm on my 9th year and has 20 months left til I go home. I will enjoy having a good time when I’m out, and I like sports of all sorts. Right now I’m looking for a good female friend, some one I can get to know and who can get to know me. I am currently incarcerated. I’ve been down for a little over 9 years and have 20 months left. Race color and size doesn’t matter. Everyone needs a good friend from time to time. This is just a little bit about myself, if you are interested or looking for a penpal, or would like to get to know me better, I would like to and enjoy hearing from you.
Andrew Harris FLCI PO Box 200; fox Lake, WI 53933 27 years old On 9th year and has 20 months left til he goes home