Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rolando Gil

Rolando Gil #292750
PO Box 9900
Beoscobel, WI 53805

D.O.B. 11-01-1975

Race: Spanish-Cuban

gender: Male

marital status: single

sexual orientation: straight

height: 6'1"; weight 225

eye color: brown; hair color: black

seeking: someone who is religion oriented, open minded and who is willing to travel into the unknown and explore it.

wirte overseas: yes, willing to explore the nknown cultures out there

conviction: party ot a crime of 1st degree intentional homicide, revocation for possession of firearms.

Date incarcerated: 1994-released on parole 2006, revocated: 8/2007

earliest release: parole elligible 2010, maximum discharge: 2027

God Bless you! My name is Rolando- I'm an incomplete man who's in search of companionship with a woman. These years have been a struggle for me in more ways that one. I need a woman to help me keep from being lonely. I'm a mature , understanding, respectful kind hearted , knowlegeable man in search of a dream come true. I'm dedicated and suppportive and always aware of my lady's needs and desires. I know in a relationship it is not all about me.

Things I enjoy a- playing sports, watching sports, working out, studying different cultures and my religion which is a good thing I am very grateful for. My belief has made me more aware of the righteous path of life and definitely has made me a much better person. I strongly believe that true beauty lies within.

FFUP wrote and asked Rolando for some serious talk about his life:

Dear Readers, please hear me out:
How are you? I hope and pray by the time you read this scripture coming from a voice behind the walls it will find you and your loved ones in the very best if health both mentally and physically as well as spiritually.
My name is Rolando A, Gil. I was born 11-01-75 in Havana, Cuba. I came to the US to be united with my mother at the age of l4. I lived in Miami Florida and Milwaukee Wisconsin. When my mother send for me to come to United States she has highly expectations for me giving me a chance to have a better future, but the path of my destiny was expose to the gangs crime of society when I attended high school… My mother was too busy trying to raised my two younger brothers by herself, so she was completely blind to who was my daily associates and what I was doing within the outside of her house. I remember at a time working a full time job in a grocery store as a “bag boy” putting customer grocery in plastic bag. I was in the 10th grade leaving school at 2:30 pm and starting at work 3:00pm to 11:00 pm. I was giving all my pay checks to my mother. I only kept the tips from customers. It was a very hard thing for me because English was a language I needed to learn and 70% of my classes was only English classes, so I end up going to summer school to be able to pass to the 11th grade by gathering the credit I needed to pass. By my junior year I only worked in the summer time 2 jobs – a part time and gull time. When I became a senior in high school I left my mother’s house .. she was very upset with me and she told no matter what - I better graduate from high school and bring her the high school diploma. So no matter what I did in the street I staying going to school and 1993 I graduated from Riverside High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I took the diploma to my mother and I started selling drugs to provide for myself within the street. I always help my mother with the bills telling her the money was coming from a legit job

I was well respected in my neighborhood not for being a bad ass, but for always helping others in need. If you had no money to feed the kids I would take you shopping in a grocery store for food for the kids. I always give the kids money for candy and ice cream in the street. No one would intend to fight me in a hand to hand battle because I was a very good fighter – a skill I develop since my childhood. In Cuba by attending boxing classes and wrestling- judo. I always won my street fighting battles, eventhough I learned how to use a gun, I never hurt anyone with a gun, so I was never out carrying a gun. Most people always believes I have one with me at all times, but I didn’t always kept the gun at my house.

Well, by the summer of 1994 money was growing fast and rival gangs starting to moves to my neighborhood. I end up getting shot coming out of a corner store in the chest with a 45 caliber gun. I got shot 3 inches from my heart. Somehow I survived. I left the hospital a week later after being shot.. and started to get back on the street . Once I heard from a friend there is someone in a hotel with 10 pounds of weed. I decided to go in there and take the weed from the person, but this person end up to be a police informant who was setting us up and we end up getting caught at the hotel room and my friend shot the informant twice. Once in the chest and once in his neck, but he didn’t die THANKS GOD.

I did not want to have such a death within my conscious, so I end up getting 32 years in prison for my involvement in the crime. I got parole 111\2 years later. So emigration pick me up and I did 6 months in a emigration jail and I got out Aug. 25, 2006. Twelve years behind bars goes within intriguing flow, so somehow I make it out of prison. I starting working for temporary job services agencies for the whole year I was out on parole, plus I end up finding a legit hustler selling hip-hop clothing and shoes out of my car. I went to the city hall and got me a commercial license, so the police could not take none of the clo0thing within my car or in my house. A friend from New York hook me up with the clothing and shoes for good prices, since I knew who was the people selling the drugs in the neighborhood I used to drive around selling the clothes to drug dealers, plus in barbershops and anywhere the opportunity present itself..

Some young guys starting to get jealous and burned one of my cars from the back yard of my house . I end up getting 2 guns to protecting myself in my house, and someone call the police telling them I was a convicted felon with guns in the house. They came in by braking the front door and arresting me. They found the 2 guns. I was revoke within the parole sentences plus 5 years federal time running consecutive to my parole time. The Feds got mad at me because I refuse to tell them about the drug dealers in my neighborhood and they call the region chief of the parole board so I get revocate it for all the time available for revocation – 20 years!!
I end up getting those 20 years for a parole violation which its completely insane to received 20 years of revocation for possession of firearms, since I did not have a good attorney to represent me within the revocation cases it hurt me badly.

The prison system have good programs for those who are trying to chance to become better individuals.. I strongly suggest that the public look into the prisoners life with a open minded because we are not all killers or rapers, there is men in prison who deserved a second chance. We are all men have flawed within ourselves- as well as women …

Society should explore more about embracing inmate back to the street then trying to keep them within prison walls. There is young men in prison who have the potential to overcome the shortcoming.

Young men with a conscious of humanity, with the tools to prevail within society, when it become a crime to protect your property?? Thank you for reading this scripture. I hope and pray who ever reads this scripture could define a better view of prisoners and be able to break free from the shackles of deception the media and others have created toward inmates! Take care. Rolando Gill. WSPF. P.O. Box 9900. Boscobel, WI 53805