Monday, February 18, 2013

Childeric Maxy

 * * * * GOO D   L U C K ? * * * * 
 Good Luck doesn't help the weak
 What one sow, that he shall reap
 I said "Good Luck" as a way to flatter
 But, the "Truth" is: It doesn't matter 
Cause what one does to another,
 Returns to him ten-fold, sooner or later
 That principle was at work before us all. 
The seed that die in the ground, come up; 
Only to make more of what was buried. 
So lie! That you may be lied to, Steal
 So that your's could be stolen too. 
Play games ! That your life would be a game too.
 If you know what's good for you; you'll sow good seeds you have
. Good Luck!

 As for the vulnerables and the innocents
 But they are right in their own, righteous in a sense
 Woe to the "Wicked" and "Ignorants"
 They are right only in their own "Rosy Lenses"
 They don't get it, and never will '
Their righteousness is only to their own belly-fill
 As the "Law of Gravity", so is this everlasting Law
 The ignorants shall not rise at all, they shall fall!
 Because their sensless act is their own law
 They live for today alone, never sow for tomorrow
 Therefore, in "Tomorrow" lies their sorrows. 
Good Luck Suckers !