Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ernesto Rivera

Ernesto Rivera #425661
WCI, PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963

I think that this prison eats your life. Like I feel is this role of this
lifetime looks here to be forever. Here you can see the same faces, same problems, same thing. I hate to get up when I’m asleep because in Puerto Rican Prison they always say: when a brother is sleeping, he is free and that is right. I write all this in Spanish like a poem and I even write about the hole 20 times. They all are not the same stuff. It is good for me because people can read something that is real. . Like I’m living it. Sometime we dream about the past or we dream about stuff that we never have – over and over. I know how to kill time but always one day play hard. I’m ok here in the hole. I get time to realize who is who . I get to realize who is who because of Ms. Peg. Here the hole is the real prison – not the population and when I come here I feel peace (Paz) because I not wanna be here for one year no no, I may do 45 days and on that time I can see clear the people but God do something for something and that is real. When I get out , I, yes, want to think about me – myself. I wrote to the women’s prison so she can find me a girl because I think I need one right now.
I don’t want to take more of your time, if you put me down on the Pen Pal, let me know if ok and if you want to write back is ok too, God bless always, with all my respect.
Ernesto Rivera