Thursday, December 31, 2009

Larry James Vasser

Larry James Vasser 164717
Southeast Corr. Center 2B-209
300 East Pedro Simmons Dr
Charleston, MI 63834

I am a Black male serving a very large prison bit-I'm 5'5" tall, I weigh 140 pounds- born March 2, 1960 in Lambert, MI.- was raise in Kansas City, Missouri-in the spirit of revolutionary love-
I would love to correspond with any mature- enlightened woman of any race and appropriate age.
I enjoy reading, writing, poetry, singing and collecting old school music- I am very old school in that I love treating all females like they are ladies because I'm a gentleman in the true sense of the word-if it matters- I am a very darked skinned Brother with a sense of humor- so prudes need not apply. (smile)

forever, for always, for revolutionary love
Larry Vasser #164717