Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leonard Mills

Leonard C. Mills #37728
PO Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

With the passing of my brother last year, I find myself alone in the world. So I am reaching out for friendship, hoping to find an understanding person to correspond with. I am a middle aged man hoping to correspond with anyone who's willing to write. I am 177 lbs, 6' tall, considerate, loving and caring man. I'm originally from Jacksonville, Florida, however I was mostly raised in Milwaukee. I do not have kids... I love them, just never been blessed with them. I'm in prison for taking money that didn't belong to me. I have corrected my error, my only problem now is loneliness.

I'm not a person that's into looks, life has taught me to look upon the heart. Now knowing that's where real beauty comes from! I like to have fun, by way of correspondence through the mail, to talk about anything... life in general. I've come to the understanding that loneliness is such a bad state to be in. My loneliness compels me to search out friendship, someone I can talk to, who I can share with, all for the sake of friendship. We've all made our share of mistakes in life. Having someone to talk to is very important to me!!

In closing, it is my hope that I hear from you so I can properly introduce myself.


Jim Emerson

James Emerson
JCI, PO Box 233
Black River Falls, WI 54615

Age 43
Release Date: 2029

Every night I see a face,
Dressed in satin and lace.
A beautiful angel with wings of gold,
The truth I know will soon unfold.
My soul I search from deep within;
Lord, save me from this place of sin.
These four walls are hard to cope,
My faith is strong, it gives me hope.
Alone I stand but not for long,
My angel calls of love are strong.
On bended knee, oh Lord I pray,
Please see me through another day.
Help me find the one I know
Will heal my heart and make me whole
...Jim Emerson
Forgotten but still faithful...I'm a 43-year-old country boy looking for a good friendly lady to heal a broken heart. I love the outdoors, long walks, hunting, fishing, boating, and I love to cook and eat find foods. I'm very loyal and romantic, and always put my friends and family first. I'm open to try and learn new things, and I love to make people laugh and feel good. If what you've read has caught your attention then drop me a line and we can take it from there. I have faith that I'll meet many good friends and maybe find that special woman.

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We are always available if you have questions, problems, or

Jimmy Sargent

Jimmie Sargent #91178
Waupun Correctional Institution
P O Box 351
Waupun, Wl 83963 USA

Hello New Friend,
Let me introduce myself, my name is "Jimmie Sargent" I am a very open-minded spiritual person about life and family, and I am looking for a lady I friend that has a good spirit and also looking for companionship and most of all friendship.
I am a single black 45 year old family man that is 6 feet tall and weigh about 196 Ibs. with light brown eyes. I am looking for a woman between the age of 25 through 60 with a beautiful personality and who knows how to motivate my thoughts and feelings
and at the same time has an open-mind about my situation. I would like to tell you a
lot more about myself and family, but I will wait until your response, so if you wish to write, please make my days with your sweet thought and tell me a little about you,and I will respond right away.
Thank you taking the time to read my webpage and hope to hear from you very
New Friend.
So contact me at:
Jimmie Sargent #91178 Waupun Correctional Institution P O Box 351 Waupun, Wl 83963 USA

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eric Check

Eric Check #428936
CCI; PO Box 900,
Portage, Wi 53901

Note:With Eric and a few other prisoners here, we are presenting a fuller story than the little introductory blurb we usually provide. All prisoners on our blogs and website ( want and need people to write on the "outside". This man is mentally ill and in seg, yet easy to write and always considerate. If you choose to write him or another prisoner and want to use our forwarding service , please email .

ON 5-31-86 in LaCrosse CO. I witnessed my birth father kill my birth mother and then he comitted suicide. This all took place when I was only 3 years old. After the death of both my birth parents , I lived with my 1st cousin and her husband. On 6-02-88 I was adopted by my 1st cousin. I lived with them in Prairie du Chien( Crawford County).
During my life with them , I was subjected to both physical and verbal abuse by my step dad , I was even subjected to physical and verbal abuse by my peers. While in school, I was labeled "special ed" for slow learning problems. I had lot of negative behaviors during my school years. I did graduate high school in 2001.
I have had alot of behavior dysfunctions all my life. I have made some improvements here and there, but I still have my struggles now, since I have been an adult. I have had several situations where I self harmed Myself. A few required serious medical treatment.
I have been in prison since 2005, in which most of it has been in segregation status. For I seem not to adjust to prison life. I do alot on impulse alot.
Since being incarcerated I have had a lot of placements in observation status as well as bed-restraint placement. All dues to my mental health illnesses.
Now I have also basically had everybody give up on me. So I have been left to struggle alot. For I have no financial help with which I can get hygiene or anything else I need. I don't really receive mail that much. I mainly only get legal mail or catalogs I send out for. I barely get letters or money orders or cards.
So I just manage the best I can with my situation. My mental health and basic medical needs has gotten worse over the years.

Frederick Flax

Frederick Flax #467646
RCI; Waukesha West
PO Box 900
Sturtevant, Wi 53177

I'm 26 years old and from Chicago. I'm looking for someone to write cause I have no one . I get out 11-14-13 discharge, no more paper. I've made many mistakes in life and I'm paying for them now. I really don't know much to write about in this open letter so I'll just keep it real. I have no one in my life and it's crazy cause I'm a good man who's made mistakes I life and I'm tired of being alone. I love writing poetry and I'm looking to get some of my work out soon. I love Playing basketball and football. I'm only looking for someone real and down to earth.

Thank you,
Frederick Floss ,
A.K.A .Blessed

Theodore Oswald

P.O. BOX 0351
WAUPUN, WI 53963-0351

To a dream
Are you a woman between the ages of 18 and 37 years? If you are, then I want to hollar with you.

I am Ted. I am a freethinker with sympathies for Christianity and Catholicism. I believe in the hope, promise, and ethical implementations of modern science and technology. I believe in crime-victim rights, but I also believe in liberty, equality, and in real integration.

I am an independent researcher, student, and aspiring professional writer and scientist. But I have been detained in maximum security correctional institutions for over 15 consecutive years.

I would prefer to be with you, as we work hard for our children, and for the next generations of free people. I need to please you, satisfy you, protect you, and, likely, learn more about you, as well as from you.

I like to dance, but I could never be paid for it! I may not, at this time, call you, so write me soon:

P.O. BOX 0351

WAUPUN, WI 53963-0351

James A Findley

James A Findley
PO Box 69
London. Ohio 43140
My name is James Findley and I am a prisoner here in London –Ohio. I’m doing “life” for the crime of murder- and I’ve been “in “ since Oct 1970- 40 years and I doubt that I will ever be released- I see the parole board again in October 2013.

About a Bio- I really don’t know what to say other than I’ve always tried to be myself and treat people as I want to be treated-my first two years I spent on “death row”- got to within 22 hours of the electric chair before the “stay “ came from the governor back in 1971- so you can say I’ve been to “hell” and back. Until a couple months ago I was in the “dog program” –we’ve at London, as a dog trainer/handler. Then I got a chance to get into a cell and out of the dorm-so I changed jobs- I now work on the yard crew.

By the way, I’m 5’91/2” tall. 180 lbs-gray/blond hair with blue eyes. My hair is below my shoulders now and my beard is full. I’m a scorpio-October 23rd. on the cusp. I will answer all who write me!!
Take care and have good days. Sincerely, James

Ras Uhuru

Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawaukkil
Norman Green #28971
WSPF, po Box 9900; Boscobel, Wi 53805

My name is Ras Uhuru. I would like to converse with someone who shares my particular interests and would like to exchange ideas and help bring them to fruition. My interested are: politics, social change, human rights, voting rights, community activism: to name a few.

Passions: reading, writing, poetry, writing lyrics for songs, writing movies, learning universality
Spiritual: I study all religions

1. Silver blood dripping from an orange blue sky; purple haze flaunting.

2. Floating down a stone river to a chard ocean of rotting human souls feeding upon the other.

3. Watts, Cali in the valley, a Neo-Colored name Sally found dead in the back of an alley.

4. A breathless breathing of no oxygen gills flaring in the flare.

Control lost in control lost.

5. Ghetto kids always have to floss. But yellow is not always gold and gold is not always gold.

6. Or new when its always old.

7. Know when its best to fold;
before it's old, and as the story
is told, always be bold.

A RAS UHURU original.
Final draft: March 24, Obama-11

Ras Atum-Uhuru Mutawakkil is a miscellaneous writer of many genres and a freelance writer for anyone of those fields and would consider phantom writing as well. He can be contacted @:

PO BOX 9900 #228971-A

Marvin Beauchamp

Marvin L. Beauchamp, G.B.C.I.
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

Greetings, my name is Marvin L. Beauchamp, my friends call me Bo. As you can probably gather I am incarcerated but I am searching for someone to communicate with, a very understanding member of God's greatest gift to man, a woman. A woman with a sense of humor that can bring out the sunshine on a cloudy day. A woman with whom I can share my memories, wishes, dreams and desires with. A woman who possesses beauty both inside and out.

If you believe that you fit this brief description, then let's give it a try. Know that you will be beginning a friendship with a black straight male, 6 ft., 190 lb, humorous, healthy, family oriented, intelligent, positive, outspoken, barber, who's 34 yrs old.

I am currently housed at the Green Bay Correctional Institution, PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307, #250335.

Crime incarcerated for: homicide

Marvin's story:
I am writing to you to share my story with the uninformed and those who are willing to listen. My name is Marvin Louis Beauchamp and I have been wrongly convicted. I know what you are thinking. You " hear that " all of the time. A11 I can do is tell the truth and give you some of the pieces and let you come up with your own conclusion. The #1 thing to remember is there is NOT ONE piece of physical evidence that links me to the crime. All evidence against me is circumstantial. There are 5 eye witnesses the saw the shooting from start to finish, who did not identify me as the shooter...
....... It was a sunny morning on June 16th 2006. I took my
girlfriend to a court date that she had at the Milwaukee county court house, afterwards, I drove her to her aunt's house where I dropped her off. I proceeded to work. At the time I was working as a independent contractor, painting, and refurbishing homes. I was told by my girlfriend to return to pick her up At 12:30pm to return her to the courthouse at 1:00pm. I called her cellphone several times and received no answer. I called a few more times and still got no answer, so I went back to painting, figuring that she had found another way to her appointment. Later that evening I was informed that I was being sought in a shooting that took place at my girlfriend's aunt's house. I eventually turned my self in to sort this out and proclaim my innocence. I was being charged with a homicide! Preliminary hearing comes around and the only two state witnesses that were supposed to testify against me were my girlfriend and her cousin. Both of them made numerous statements, all of which were the truth because they did not involve me at all, but there was a final statement that implicated me in the shooting. WHAT?! CAN'T BE! I WASN'T EVEN PRESENT! They were called to the witness stand, cousin first. Her statement, the one that implicated me was the only one read in court, not the other three that had nothing to do with me. After it was read she leaned toward the mic and said "all of that is a lie" because the police at interrogated her forced her to say these things. She testified under oath that she DID NOT witness me do anything to anyone. As a matter of fact she did not see me that day period! Next my girlfriend took the witness stand and guess what she said? Yep, the exact same thing, that she was coerced into making statements that implicated me, after being arrested and held for a day and a half. Simple right? Case dismissed due to lack of evidence, rihgt? Wrong! I was bound over for trial....
....... Trial comes and the story gets even more confusing.
My girlfriend's cousin's, boyfriend was the person that unfortunately ended up shot in the front yard of the house that I dropped my girlfriend off at. Supposedly he was shot numerous times and stumbbled into the street where he collapsed. A nurse that just happened to be driving by, pulled over and administered CPR on the victim and allegedly revived him. This nurse that brought the victim back to life, was not present at my the trial and nor was she invited. The second person to arrive on the scene, who also was just in the neighborhood, was a lieutenant. She called for back up and about ten minutes after the shooting a crime scene has been formed, all while the victim lay in the street. She, the lieutenant, also didn't show up to the trial, nor was she invited. Reports show that the victim suffered 5 gunshot wounds. One gunshot hit and damaged 80% of his Aorta Vena Cava- for those who don't know that's the main and largest blood vessel attached to the heart. One bullet penetrated his kidneys, also causing rapid blood loss. Another hit his spine, liver, and one was a flesh wound. These are pretty grave injuries for the condition they say he was in all the way to the hospital. By now the EMT's have arrived. One of the firefighters on the scene was a friend of the victim. He asked who did this to you, at which time the victim supposedly replied "MARVIN!". Yeah, you read that correctly, my name is Marvin, which no one calls me and this also was testified to. My nickname is BO. Think of all of his injuries and the blood being lost while I tell who else has the first name Marvin. The firefighter friend just happens to have the first name Marvin. Remember those 5 gunshot wounds? I've done research and it is not humanly possible for a person to display " cognitive functioning " with that type of internal blood loss. But this is what his friend the firefighter named Marvin testified to. A Milwaukee police Officer testified that he rode to the hospital in the ambulance with the victim and the victim told him the same thing, that Marvin shot him, at which time he allegedly gave a brief description of a person that me and half of Milwaukee could fit. Remember those five gunshot wounds? The severe damage that they have done is still present and worsening by the second. By now 25 to 30 minutes have passed with nothing to stop the internal bleeding. The officer that testified to this says he rode in the ambulance with the victim but a police report records his partner as the one who actually rode to the hospital. Once again someone else didn't show up to the trial. When we sought out the officer that was recorded as the officer that actually rode to the hospital, he had resigned, retired, just plain disappeared. The next witness was a guy that I barely knew that said I confessed to him in the county jail while I awaited trial. Of course he said these things in return for consideration on his own pending charges, which he got a was released for his testimony and promptly murdered someone, he's in prison as we speak. When he was asked when did he hear of the shooting, he replied "in May"? That's right, it happened in June, so how was that possible? My girlfriend and her cousin testified for the second time and again said the exact same thing that they said in preliminary hearing. They were coerced into the statements against me. Forced, threatened, and tricked were their exact words. Again they said on record, under oath, that they didn't witness me do anything to anyone. An eye witness testified with me sitting directly in front of him did not point me out as the shooter......
.......That was it, that simple. I'm sure that T don't have
to tell you what the outcome was, but just for verification because it's already confusing enough, GUILTY!I!
I'm sure you're wondering where my attorney was during all of this? She was there and no she wasn't a public defender. She was from one of, if not, the most prestigious law firms in Milwaukee. She was representing the police officers that were accused and found not guilty of beating Frank Jude Jr, even though they had overwhelming evidence against them, at the
same time she was, representing me,a person with, circumstantial evidence against him. You can see Why? Her iob was done I She helped the state get a conviction and in return she got a acquittal for someone obviously guilty, so much so/they were found guilty in Federal court. Ever heard of case swapping? I have......
I am currently fighting my case in the appeal stage. I am blessed with a multitude of friends, family, and a team of attorneys that believe in me and my innocence, who continue to fight for my freedom. I just felt that I had to share my story and hopefully open the eyes of those who are unaware of the injustice that is taking place right under their noses.....
....... Of course my story is heavily summarized and all details left out will further show doubt and Drove my innocence. One day it will be proven.....
......My case was recently argued before the WI Supreme Court
and their reason for denying my request for a new trial was simple. Necessity. It was/is necessary to keep the evidence that we argued, against because if they ruled in our favor the state would have no case because there is no ballistic evidence and I would be acquitted. They wouldn't want to take any chances and release a guilty man, but they have no problem keeping a INNOCENT man behind bars........
.......Can you honestly call that justice??

Michael Spain

Michael Spain 146577
CCI; PO Box 900
Portage, Wi 53901

My name is Michael Spain , age 47. I been locked up 23 years and I have 22 months before coming home. I am in barracks waiting to go on work release. I am single looking for a good woman to be at my side. It’s rare to find a good man like me. I am one of the good ones left. I love to cook, clean, and am a good listener. I have a good heart and keep it real all the time. Just be youself. I love to go to the movies or watch a movie at home and have a candlelight diiner. Just living the good life.

Eddie Brundridge

Eddie Brundridge 08B2527
Mid State Corr. Facility
PO Box 2500
Marcy, N Y 13403
Isn’t attraction incredible? Imagine relaxing into strong arms holding you, feeling safe and appreciated and intimate, knowing it’s totally right. I’m looking too. SBM, 50 , 6’1” tall and handsome. I’m emotionally literate and willing to take risks. If I speak to you, Please write.

Devin Brown

Devin Lee Brown #471237 GBCI; PO Box 19033 Green Bay, Wi 54307-9033 Title “Mistaken Identity” Devin Brown gets 35 years to life for mistaken identity. Could you or someone you love be the next victim of Mistaken identity? Eye witness says to police that “someone “ just walked past and started shooting and she didn’t recognize him, but after being told by someone else Brown could be involved she thinks she knows Brown from going to his house. However , when picking him out of a photo array says only time she ever saw him was on night of the shooting. Then at trial she points to different person and says she knows me from a party. I was illegally arrested on August 03 and lost trial Oct 04. I felt compelled to sign a statement after I was confronted by a signed statement by my big brother implicating me as the one that killed someone. After I denied it several times through several intense interrogations and being denied a lawyer, it overwhelmed me and became too much for me to bear for someone never in a situation like that ever before. My brother’s statement wasn’ t used at my trial , however , they used my statement and a faulty eye witness who gave several different contradictory statements and pointed to someone else during my trial in a photo lineup. In July of 04 an-out -of -court statement from a former friend of mine said I told him I shot the victim (so he could get released only later to catch another case in involving a toddler being killed) however at trial he plead the 5th and refused to take an oath to verify his statements but was compelled to testify, but I still couldn’t questions him because every question was “I don’t know,” “I don’t recall” or “I don’t remember”. A jury used no physical evidence to convict me. Now I am in the court of appeals again because the courts keep giving me the run around hitting me with technical errors because I am pro se. My appeal process is similar to the Emmanuel Page VS Matthew Frank case 43 F:3c 901 WI 2003, where they are not ruling on my issues. The circuit court sends me to the appeals court saying it’s their issues, then the appeals courts says it’s the state, then the state sends me back. The whole time the appeals court didn’t rule on my claims. This is where my problem is. I believe I have grounds for a successful appeal for those reasons also, my trial court judge is on record saying he sees a discrepancy with the detective’s version of events on how they entered my mother’s house. This was one of the most important motions I had but they chose to side with the police against my witness (my mother/ Niece) on a reason that doesn’t have anything to do with how the police gained entry into the house without an arrest warrant after ample time . I’m the victim of mistaken identity and over bearing police , misconduct, taking advantage of people who haven’t been I this type of situation and the judges are holding me to a higher standard than the people who take an oath to serve and protect. If you could help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, please direct me to someone who can.

Raymond Woods

Raymond Woods 501400
GBCI; PO Box 19033;
Green Bay, Wi 54307
I’m seeking a penpal/friend right now. I’m 5’9”, 187 lbs. I am young but I act older than what I look. I am a gentleman and a very polite person. I am looking for someone who is the same. I don’t judge people on how they look; it’s not about how you look, it’s about the inside of the person. If you would like to become my friend, write me at the above address.

Richard McClain

Richard McClain 3327874;
WCI ; 13800 McMullen Hwy SW
Cumberland; Maryland 21502

Date of birth 1`2/27/74; male, african American; 5’8’ 165 LBS; expected release date 2019

Greetings, first and foremost allow me to extend my sincere greetings to you since you are openminded enough to even consider my invitation of trying to become your friend inder my present conditions. Ther fore I am certain it would be a pleasure,blessing and privilge to make your aquaintance.
Being through I’m in an unnatural environment and doing my best to seek true knowledge , so that I may grow mentally and spiritually to become complete. What individual could ever be truly whole without the porper companion.
In essence, I am seeking someone with whom I can place my trust in as well as confide in al times. Not to be played with or taken for granted, I am certain that there is someone out there that understands exactly what I ‘m saying. Someone who is level headed , down to earth and has a good sense of humor.
Plus remenber that everyone needs a friend from time to time to nourish the soul and assist it with food for thought so I sincerely pray that my message reaches and touches the special someone, who has an interest in getting to know more about me. And who cares enough to share a few thoughts of their own with me. In closing bear with me being that this way of meeting is new.

Your truly, Richard McClain

Marion Brisco

Marion Brisco #523094
Cell G-13; south Cell Hall
WCI, PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53963

My name is Marion Brisco.I was born on February 23rd,1984. 1 ' m about 5'3 in height and about 174 pounds in weight. I grew up with both of my parents,2 brothers,and 2 sisters. My childhood was bad to say the least. My parents struggled with finding work,which meant lots of financial troubles. Living in poverty caused going to school to be difficult as well. My parents not being able to afford nice things cause me to be the object of ridicule and mockery. As a result of this I got into fights everyday. When I got home I was punished for fighting in school. I couldn't tell my parents that I was fighting because I was being poked fun at at school.
Once I got a little older I wanted to change not only my state of living but also my family's. So,I took to doing what everyone else in my neighborhood was doing. I started doing crime,specifically selling drugs.It was easy and the money came fast. I did what I believed I had to do. I divided the money I made between myself and my parents. Because of what I was doing my parents were able to pay rent, all of the bills,and purchase better things for my sisters and brothers so that they didn't go through what I did in school. To be honest,back then I thought that the lifestyle was great. I was respected in the streets as a hustler and I was loved in more at home as a provider.I even fell in love with a beautiful lady.
As with all stories about a man coming to prison,the life that I thought was so great began to crumble.The woman that I loved betrayed my trust and involved me in a crime that I had nothing to do with. In the aftermath of it,I ended up with I5 years in prison and strong trust issues. She began a relationship with one of my friends and my family was plunged back into poverty.
As of now,I have been in prison a little over a year and I have decided to once again change my state of living but this time in a positive and productive way.I am working on getting my HSED as well as preparing to take some correspondence college courses. I have also begun to form a relationship with God. Most importantly, I have begun to work on the psychological scars that I have from my parents and the betrayal from my so-called friends.I've realized that I can't really change my future without educating myself and finding internal peace.And in a way,me posting this is part of that process.I have not opened up to anyone about my past since I was betrayed my the woman I fell in love with.
It would be difficult for me to say what I am specifically looking for but I know that Whoever response to this has to be at least open-minded (seeing that they would have to be in order to view me as the individual I am and not as the crime I'm incarcerated for), someone who is understanding(seeing that they would have to be in order to deal with my faults),and someone who is compassionate(seeing that they would have to be in order to help me help myself become a better human being)! I encourage all who wish to, to respond.I will try my very best to respond to all letters that I receive.Thank you for your time and reading my story.

Poem Called Father

Too young to remember
A few pictures take his place.
She's my baby girl. We resemble
He's gone without a trace. Without her affection,
Void because of infection;
A life of insurrection
Now what is this I face?
A stream of bad decisions,
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Conquered by drug saleing
So much promise turned to shame.
Mercy m! Sin arrested..
My Baby girl's love uncontested!
Satan's plan has been bested
Could this be the case?
In Daddy's arms she can rest now,
Neither weed not death gives chase.
I'm at home, free at last now
And protected by his grace.

P.O.BOX 351

Robert Schmidt

Robert Schmidt 184584
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
PO Box 3310
Oshkosh, WI 54903

36 Years old; white male; 150 lbs. ; 5‘6”
I am an outgoing person who loves children and outdoor activities, such as camping, hunting and football. I am seeking a woman who is outgoing and ambitious and who loves to laugh. I am looking for a woman who is lonely like myself who needs companionship. I prefer a woman who is 20 to 45 yrs old of any race and nationality. I work out daily with weights and exercise and try to keep active . If you are a sincere honest woman who is looking for someone to write to I think we can build a strong friendship with endless possibilities. I look forwward to hearing form you.

Terrance Prude

Terrance Prude’s Life in a few words
Born in Milwaukee Wisconisn In Highland Park projects , I was /am the only child and I was raised by my grandmother ( who just died April 27, 2011) and she taught me right from wrong. However, the streets seemed to have more control over me that grandmother . I hung out with “friends” who really were not friends. I obtained a record at 10 years old . My surroundings were cruel and unusual on the mind. I’ve witnessed person getting their brains blew out at a young age, I was taught to kill or be killed ( thank God I was never put in a position to kill). I was taught the opposite of societies norms. I learned to have a mental disorder, i.e. due to the standards of society, the word is that if a person doesn’t “effectively “ know right from wrong, they’re with a disorder. Right from wrong “to me “ meant to do what ever to stay afloat. Hanging around killer, drup dealers. Hustlers, pimps ( and everything in between) taught me what surviving meant and in turn I adopted the definitions as my own.

So, I grew up with”that” meaning of right and wrong( though I am sure I know even this definition was wrong, however , the “twisted definition”of right and wrong seemed to be more financially beneficial than the “right “ version” of right and wrong), and figured those who weren’t living as I was was living wrong, did I have a disorder? Robery ( while armed), shooting at others who lived as I did was the norm for me and it landed me in prison with 100 years. I’ve been in prison since 1999 november 20th for 5 counts of armed robbery (sentenced 20 years each armed rbbery). There is much more to this story that the short version I’m disclosing, so if you want to know more that what you see here, then please write me at the address above. I’m 29 years old now , I was 17 when I was arrested for the above crimes.
Well , my photo is posted as well, I have other postings as well and just google me to locate them. Respectfully submitted,
Terrrance Prude 335878;
Po Box 351
Waupun , WI 53963

John Signorile

John Signorile 488378
GBCI; PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

I’m 35 yrs old , 5’8”, 192 pounds, brown eyes and I shave my head. I have a thin goatee I have both ears pierced, and I have nice tattoos. I only have 1 year and 4 months left on my prison sentence then I’ll be released.

Im in prison for transporting stolen items to different states. Im from Chicago and I'm Italian. I do believe in God. I am catholic however, I’m not a religious fanatic. Im into weightlifting the gym is my second home. I’m in really good shape. Th ereason I’ve mentioned this is because first impressions are usually very important. I am very loyal and genuine, very romantic, and passionate. The qualities I have just said about myself are 100% true, I’m not a fake in no way shape or form.
The reason I bring this up is because there are soso-oo-oo-oo many fake, cold hearted, two faced guys in here and out there that say they are decent, but in reality, they’re fake.
I just want to find one special woman who really cares and is willing to dedicate some of her time getting to know me.
I would preferably ask for an older woman in her 40,s or 50,s but I wouldnt reject 26 and over, just as long as they know what they want in life. When im released , I want to do some traveling, camping, renting dvd,s listening to music, getting a membership to a gym, and eating some decent food. Ive never been married and i dont have any children. Just recently I watched the Notebook movie and it really sunk in my brain and emotions that life and love is very fragile .I am very sensitive when it comes to romance, love and animals, most people who associate with me [family-friends] say I wear my heart on my sleeve. Ive only put myself on a web site once and all I ran into was women who didnt know what love was really all about i gave up. For those who read this im not out to feed anyone lies or play with anyones emotions, or take anyones love for granted. I am only looking for one thing....LOVE.
Maybe this is a stupid or odd way of finding 'TRUE LOVE* but i have to try it anyhow. The things i enjoy doing are, listening to music a few of my favorite artist are 3 doors, John Mayor,The Fray, PaPa Roach, Maroon 5, Staind, and Howie Day. I am a gym fanatic, the gym is my second home, i really get a rush from weightlifting, i have never done drugs, but i do drink occasionally, i like to go out to clubs to socialize and dance. Favorite movies are 'Titanic and Note book, when im released i plan opening my own gym. I have been locked up for awhile so it would be really nice to hear from a genuine woman. Before I wrap this up .I want you to know it gets really lonely at times so please don’t hesitate to write back. My biggest fear in life is to die alone.

Jeremy Deal

Jeremy Loyd Deal
Waupun Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963

My name is Jeremy Loyd Deal; I am 26 years old bom on September 29, 1983.1 am 5'10" and weigh 220 with wide shoulder and a stocky build. Both by parents are alive but my father denied me before I was born, and the last time 1 saw him he was driving away as I chased him on my bike at five years old. My mother was there but not. I didn't exist to her and was more there for something to take her anger on and blame all her problems on. Mostly because I look so much like my father whom she declared every time she got drunk-every night. Her schedule growing up for me was the same. Bar at night, pasted out in the morning and work in the afternoon. When she had time, she would spend it with my sister Brooke. Whom she loves dearly. I was merely there for money as she told me and would take me to the social services and have me freak out so they would pay her more. She got money for me because I am Bipolar and ADHD. Which they tried to treat but found it hard. Especially when rny mother didn't like it if the drugs worked because she wouldn't get much money. So most of the time she would call me names insult and degrade, emasculate, and beat on. Especially when she came home drunk at night. Mostly though she would use broomsticks or well anything she could get her hands on to either hit me with or throw at me. My sister Brooke took to that quickly and started doing the same. Even when I was abused sexually by my aunt she ignored me and it continued until my aunt moved. Then my sister was raped in front of me when I was three by my uncle, Brooke my sister was five, and because I didn't do anything that also was my fault as was everything else that went wrong, broke whatever it was always my fault.
Nevertheless, when I was again raped by my babysitter Paula when I was seven my mother called me a liar again. Therefore, it continued and if I didn't perform to my babysitter's requirements she would beat me down with metal spatula and a wooden spoon until I could have sex with her multiple time a day. Which in the end she still beat me and said it was my fault but not as bad if I didn't keep to her standards. My mother in this case was forced to recognize it this time especially when the cops, social services, and the courts got involved. She denied she knewanything then beat me bad and said I'm trying to get her put in jail. In addition, I had to go to counseling for the next two years. But my mother said its for my sister, I'm male I cant be raped, that where going to counseling. All this though pales in comparison to the beatings her random boyfriends gave me. I was stomped kicked thrown around stomped down by feet, chairs, vacuums (specifically a steel Kirby-which 1 remember very vividly) whatever was available. Why to this day I don't know. When my mom moved every year because the schools started asking questions or it got so bad due to many trips to the E.R. mostly strangers taking me in or the school, I thought it was over but it just continued. New place, same, and sometimes worse treatment. A couple times it was so bad the police would visit and she would acted shocked and say it was all her boyfriend and she got ride of him then would give the police bogus information then beat me when they left and then we would have to move again. I've been to 15 different schools and been to the E.R. over 100 times. The worse was when I was sitting on my sisters bike my moms at the time boyfriend saw me called me a fagot for being on a girls bike and hit me in the face with a bat. I lost all my front teeth and my gums completely broke off my mouth. The doctors through surgery fixed my gums and based on I was only six my teeth all grew back. Thank God, or something. Anyways when 1 wanted food, I had to get it myself or starve. We lived next to a bakery and I would dig in there trash-I started this at about two. The first time I stole, I was four, Starving, my mother was passed out, and so I walked into the store a block away. I put a whole box of reeses Pieces on the counter, and when she turned her back I ducked with candy thinking I was slick, then she kidding said ow where did he go, then I jumped up and ran out the door with the reeses. I ran straight home into my mother's room, sat down next to her, and ate until I was sick. The earliest memory I have 1 was around one. The reason I remember it is that my mom's boyfriend at the time poured hot coffee all over my chest. There's a lot more but it hard to talk about or get into more detail.
By ten years old I was so anti-social 1 didn't even know anyone. Moreover, a new home every year didn't help at all. The library reading and watching movies was my escaped. In addition, since I was getting bigger neither my mom nor her boyfriends couldn't throw me around as much. So, they just continued with the emotional, mental, and psychological abuse. Say anything and everything to hurt me or to make me less secure with myself. I started isolating myself increasingly and still to this day have difficultly starting a conversation with anyone. That is how it went until I met a female at 15, who paid attention to me and showed me love. The problem was she lived in a different town. Where I lived a different town in the North woods, northwestern Wisconsin, is very far away. Moreover, my mother moved again so I stole cars to see her eventually caught and went to Juvenile hall. When 1 got out, I was good for a while getting straight A's in school mostly because the place they sent me was Youth Leadership Training Center, or boot camp. They said it would help me with my discipline problem. It did help me with my ADHD and bi-polar. It gave me focus. Well until I starting drinking and smoking weed to dull the loneliness. Then I met an amazing girl who got me to quit all that and got me focused on my schoolwork again. Then about a year later, still with that girl, my mother, and her husband were drunk and screaming really loud at one in the morning. So I started drinking and when that didn't work I left well gone I got the stupid ideal to break into the school and spray fire extinguisher down the hall to get school canceled so I could spend the day with Katie. Dumb idea. For that I was arrested, they had a camera. I was given four years in prison for making the floors dusty and breaking a hundred dollar window. Small towns go way overboard. That happened when I was 17. At 21 I got out got three jobs out the gate and kept them until they found out I was a felon and fired me. So I got another job that would hire a felon and was doing good had money in the bank, my own apartment, and a car. Working up words of 15 hours a day or more if I could get it. I figured with no girlfriend and the fact I had four years to make up, and being completely on my own I didn't see a problem. That's when my cousin asked for help. I helped him. I took him up north, northern Wisconsin so I could get my other car I bought and had up there. An 82 Camera that I could work on to keep me out of trouble. On the way back I slept in the back he drove. He was pulled over on an empty highway going over a hundred by a cop sitting between the North/South bound lanes. He had a warrant for robbing ever boss he ever worked for. Initially he tried to blame it all on me the guns too, saying he didn't know anything. That's when they found out all the victims were his ex-employers and the guns belonged to one of them. Therefore, he couldn't deny it anymore. So, he admitted to all of it but said I'm a felon and I made him do it and influenced him and all this other crap. In the end they scared me into a plea by saying because I'm a felon who's been in prison over a year will get a minimum of 15 year per gun. That would be 45 years then the state would run whatever they had consecutive. So I got scared and took the deal. They got me though they gave me ten in five out in Dane county but there was another county who waited till they were done and gave me the same charge and same time using the same evidence from the first as there own, all which I know now is illegal. They also used hearsay to the max too. There evidence the Pre-Sentence Investigator said that the detective said that my cousin said that I said. Yeah just like that. All now I know is completely set up. Also, for my appeal the public defender (public pretender) filed a no merit report. Which I also found out he should have done. He did this to end it, so he could be paid. So here I sit after years of confinement in depression I finally feel like doing something or moving around enough to even write.
While in prison I've taken just about every program they have to offer. I even graduated from college in here for computer programming and bricklaying and masonry-which is a college diploma. I graduated with highest honors on the Deans list. Plenty time to study I guess.
It is difficult for me to say what I am looking for specifically because the way I grew up I get along with anyone, no matter what they think about themselves or what others say because the way I was brought up not very much bothers me. What I do know is that I am looking for someone who is open-minded (seeing that they would have to be in order to see me as the individual that I am and not as the crime I'm in for), someone understanding to deal with my faults, and someone who is compassionate (seeing that they would have to be in order to help me help myself become a better human being. I encourage all who want to respond and I will try my best to respond to all letters. Thank you for giving me the time.
Jeremy L Deal 370858 Waupun Correctional Institution P.O. Box 351 Waupun, WI 53963-351