Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gilbert Corona

Gilbert Corona #1132133
Luvinne Unit
Huntsville, TX 77349

Seeking someone to correspond with until my release date in hopes of a lasting friendship. I'm hoping to be able to catch the attention of someone to share my thoughts, heart, and great sense of humor with no one in particular. My name is Gilbert Corona with a lime. Ha! But mostly known as Silent. I'm a 31 yr. old Hispanic from Bryon,TX (Home of them Mighty Aggies). I'm 5'7" with black hair, brown eyes, and a great big ole Colgate smile. I'm single, fun loving,
open minded with lots of good interests, and up for a mental or physical challenge.

To escape this place, I like to listen to music, (Hip-Hop, R&B, Country). I draw, enjoy reading a good novel every so often. I truly believe, "things happen for reasons", and I am very much aware of my past errors, and decision makings, but I consider my past errors as stepping stones for a new and improved future. If by any chance what I have written has caught your attention to make you curious enough to want to correspond with me. I leave so much else unsaid, and I will await to see what fate has in store for me, hopefully your friendship. Don't be shy to write, I don't bite. Smile!
Soon to be friends,

Gilbert Corona

P.S. Will welcome all letters, will respond to all, we can never have too many friends... ,