Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marvin Beauchamp

Marvin L. Beauchamp, G.B.C.I.
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

Greetings, my name is Marvin L. Beauchamp, my friends call me Bo. As you can probably gather I am incarcerated but I am searching for someone to communicate with, a very understanding member of God's greatest gift to man, a woman. A woman with a sense of humor that can bring out the sunshine on a cloudy day. A woman with whom I can share my memories, wishes, dreams and desires with. A woman who possesses beauty both inside and out.

If you believe that you fit this brief description, then let's give it a try. Know that you will be beginning a friendship with a black straight male, 6 ft., 190 lb, humorous, healthy, family oriented, intelligent, positive, outspoken, barber, who's 34 yrs old.

I am currently housed at the Green Bay Correctional Institution, PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307, #250335.

Crime incarcerated for: homicide

Marvin's story:
I am writing to you to share my story with the uninformed and those who are willing to listen. My name is Marvin Louis Beauchamp and I have been wrongly convicted. I know what you are thinking. You " hear that " all of the time. A11 I can do is tell the truth and give you some of the pieces and let you come up with your own conclusion. The #1 thing to remember is there is NOT ONE piece of physical evidence that links me to the crime. All evidence against me is circumstantial. There are 5 eye witnesses the saw the shooting from start to finish, who did not identify me as the shooter...
....... It was a sunny morning on June 16th 2006. I took my
girlfriend to a court date that she had at the Milwaukee county court house, afterwards, I drove her to her aunt's house where I dropped her off. I proceeded to work. At the time I was working as a independent contractor, painting, and refurbishing homes. I was told by my girlfriend to return to pick her up At 12:30pm to return her to the courthouse at 1:00pm. I called her cellphone several times and received no answer. I called a few more times and still got no answer, so I went back to painting, figuring that she had found another way to her appointment. Later that evening I was informed that I was being sought in a shooting that took place at my girlfriend's aunt's house. I eventually turned my self in to sort this out and proclaim my innocence. I was being charged with a homicide! Preliminary hearing comes around and the only two state witnesses that were supposed to testify against me were my girlfriend and her cousin. Both of them made numerous statements, all of which were the truth because they did not involve me at all, but there was a final statement that implicated me in the shooting. WHAT?! CAN'T BE! I WASN'T EVEN PRESENT! They were called to the witness stand, cousin first. Her statement, the one that implicated me was the only one read in court, not the other three that had nothing to do with me. After it was read she leaned toward the mic and said "all of that is a lie" because the police at interrogated her forced her to say these things. She testified under oath that she DID NOT witness me do anything to anyone. As a matter of fact she did not see me that day period! Next my girlfriend took the witness stand and guess what she said? Yep, the exact same thing, that she was coerced into making statements that implicated me, after being arrested and held for a day and a half. Simple right? Case dismissed due to lack of evidence, rihgt? Wrong! I was bound over for trial....
....... Trial comes and the story gets even more confusing.
My girlfriend's cousin's, boyfriend was the person that unfortunately ended up shot in the front yard of the house that I dropped my girlfriend off at. Supposedly he was shot numerous times and stumbbled into the street where he collapsed. A nurse that just happened to be driving by, pulled over and administered CPR on the victim and allegedly revived him. This nurse that brought the victim back to life, was not present at my the trial and nor was she invited. The second person to arrive on the scene, who also was just in the neighborhood, was a lieutenant. She called for back up and about ten minutes after the shooting a crime scene has been formed, all while the victim lay in the street. She, the lieutenant, also didn't show up to the trial, nor was she invited. Reports show that the victim suffered 5 gunshot wounds. One gunshot hit and damaged 80% of his Aorta Vena Cava- for those who don't know that's the main and largest blood vessel attached to the heart. One bullet penetrated his kidneys, also causing rapid blood loss. Another hit his spine, liver, and one was a flesh wound. These are pretty grave injuries for the condition they say he was in all the way to the hospital. By now the EMT's have arrived. One of the firefighters on the scene was a friend of the victim. He asked who did this to you, at which time the victim supposedly replied "MARVIN!". Yeah, you read that correctly, my name is Marvin, which no one calls me and this also was testified to. My nickname is BO. Think of all of his injuries and the blood being lost while I tell who else has the first name Marvin. The firefighter friend just happens to have the first name Marvin. Remember those 5 gunshot wounds? I've done research and it is not humanly possible for a person to display " cognitive functioning " with that type of internal blood loss. But this is what his friend the firefighter named Marvin testified to. A Milwaukee police Officer testified that he rode to the hospital in the ambulance with the victim and the victim told him the same thing, that Marvin shot him, at which time he allegedly gave a brief description of a person that me and half of Milwaukee could fit. Remember those five gunshot wounds? The severe damage that they have done is still present and worsening by the second. By now 25 to 30 minutes have passed with nothing to stop the internal bleeding. The officer that testified to this says he rode in the ambulance with the victim but a police report records his partner as the one who actually rode to the hospital. Once again someone else didn't show up to the trial. When we sought out the officer that was recorded as the officer that actually rode to the hospital, he had resigned, retired, just plain disappeared. The next witness was a guy that I barely knew that said I confessed to him in the county jail while I awaited trial. Of course he said these things in return for consideration on his own pending charges, which he got a was released for his testimony and promptly murdered someone, he's in prison as we speak. When he was asked when did he hear of the shooting, he replied "in May"? That's right, it happened in June, so how was that possible? My girlfriend and her cousin testified for the second time and again said the exact same thing that they said in preliminary hearing. They were coerced into the statements against me. Forced, threatened, and tricked were their exact words. Again they said on record, under oath, that they didn't witness me do anything to anyone. An eye witness testified with me sitting directly in front of him did not point me out as the shooter......
.......That was it, that simple. I'm sure that T don't have
to tell you what the outcome was, but just for verification because it's already confusing enough, GUILTY!I!
I'm sure you're wondering where my attorney was during all of this? She was there and no she wasn't a public defender. She was from one of, if not, the most prestigious law firms in Milwaukee. She was representing the police officers that were accused and found not guilty of beating Frank Jude Jr, even though they had overwhelming evidence against them, at the
same time she was, representing me,a person with, circumstantial evidence against him. You can see Why? Her iob was done I She helped the state get a conviction and in return she got a acquittal for someone obviously guilty, so much so/they were found guilty in Federal court. Ever heard of case swapping? I have......
I am currently fighting my case in the appeal stage. I am blessed with a multitude of friends, family, and a team of attorneys that believe in me and my innocence, who continue to fight for my freedom. I just felt that I had to share my story and hopefully open the eyes of those who are unaware of the injustice that is taking place right under their noses.....
....... Of course my story is heavily summarized and all details left out will further show doubt and Drove my innocence. One day it will be proven.....
......My case was recently argued before the WI Supreme Court
and their reason for denying my request for a new trial was simple. Necessity. It was/is necessary to keep the evidence that we argued, against because if they ruled in our favor the state would have no case because there is no ballistic evidence and I would be acquitted. They wouldn't want to take any chances and release a guilty man, but they have no problem keeping a INNOCENT man behind bars........
.......Can you honestly call that justice??