Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Delauren Omar Gordon Sr

Delauren Omar Gordon Sr #25918
Ionia Max Corr. Facility
1576 W Bluewater Highway
Ionia, Michigan 48846

DOB May 30, 1981
Sign: Gemini
Sex Male; Race: African American
height 6', weight 185; pounds; eye color: deep brown; hair: black
sexual orientation: straight; religion: God;
marital status:single;
convicted of : felony murder; Time: life; incarcerated since:2003;
hometown: Lansing MI;
seeking :Women, friends; willing to write friends overseas; seeking donations? Yes

DELAUREN Omar Gordon SR- a low to medium- maintenance man looking for something similar in a counterpart.
meat and potatoes- I'm sane and solid and sexy! And there is nothing superficial about me. I'm 100% Toro! So if you are a Queen who has been in search of something pure and unadulterated, you need to look no further than me.
Granted I'm "on lock", I possess redeemable qualities and bring much to the table. So it is only a matter of one (you) having the ability to demonstrate an "open mind" and "creativity" towards the ordeal I'm in.
From what I've gathered, the caliber of men who exist out there nowadays lack substance and are overrated. So if you are a Queen with an urge and taste for something new, try me and see ow you like the flavor.
I'm in need of a friend, someone to exchange warm, subtle thoughts with on a letter to letter basis to help take the edge off the ay and fill the void. And I am willing to reciprocate.
Take care and stay beautiful!