Friday, April 8, 2011


264 F.M. 3478 RD.

My name is DANIEL MART1NEZ, I'm a Hispanic male, 40 yrs. of age, but am here under an alias which depicts me as 42. My real name is Danny APOLLO. I am 6 foot, brown eyes, and hair, and weigh 200 pounds in hopes of gaining 10-15 more pounds. I love to work out, and run, and do so daily as there I find my solace. 1 have learned to become compelled to the art of criminal law, Out in IEXAS that can be both pleasure and pain, seeing that they are probably tne most arbitrarious of legislators around.

I've served 10 yrs on a 25 yr. sentence for the offense of AGGRAVATED ROBBERY which was anything but that. I had 5-25 yr. sentences consecutive of which 2 were concurrent. In English that means I had 100 yrs. But I had 3 of those reversed and ommitted finally. I now have my last 2 concurrent convictions. I come up for parole in 2 1/2yrs.

I've been given an another run at life. A chance to try things differently. I'm in college taking business administrative managemant, though I have to take the semester off as part of my reimbursment plan- I plan to go for my bachelors, and if given a set off will push for my Masters. I've had a bumpy ride at the onset of this ride, and have lost loved ones and several opportunities enough as to make me reconsider my life a thousand times over. I love to draw, and can draw all of what I see, and ½ of what I dream and imagine. I venture into all aspects of art. I have no vices accept for a terrible addiction to coffee. And still, even that I take in measure.

I'm a dreamer looking for purpose, trying to make it worth the price I paid. If there is such a thing as a happy ending to such a horrid story I beg the Gods to allow such an opportunity as to know it. I have desires to see the world, and have already visited alot of the U.S. I love to travel.I love the way Mother Earth has dressed herself in Fall, and love the cold sting of winter against my face. I love to dream, I love to talk. I love to read, and have found no book tabu save for cheezy novels. I have a great fascination for History, and my Native AnErican roots- And above all I have a great respect for that Life force that binds us all as one regardless if we choose to accept it or not. And I struggle to know that FORCE more and more each day. I'm writing a book- In fact it is my third, and I feel more from this one than the 2 prior. I feel like I have alot to share; both of my current situation, as well as seme swiftly taught lessons in life- I'd also love to hear of another's life-learned experiences, if perchance one could take me away from my 6X12 cell, if only for the moment.

I assure you that all mail is welcomed and your letter will always be responded to. I'm just a man reaching for something better, knowing that it isn't here. I thank you for your time, and anticipate your correspondence. So now I leave you with the greatest respect one could ever choose to make their own. Peace.