Thursday, August 7, 2014

Robert Mckee In solitary in LA


Robert McKee 462602
Louisiana State Prison
Camp D Hawk 2-L
Angola, LA 79712


I am Robert McKee #462602, an inmate in the Louisiana State Prison System who is serving a 65 year sentence. I was convicted in 2002 and have been in solitary confinement since my incarceration. My record is exemplary and still I am denied release into general population where I might be able to take advantage of educational, rehabilitative and religious opportunities. I would love to post my profile on your site in order to bring my case to the attention of someone who might be able to intervene on my behalf. I write and would enjoy sharing my work with others. I have essays, poems, songs and observations about current events others might like to read. I just recently acquired some materials I can use to paint and I'd like to also share my art work. You may contact me by mail at Robert McKee #462602, Louisiana State Prison, Camp D Hawk 2-L #12, Angola, LA 70712 or by email at Thanks for your consideration.