Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Antoino Herrera

Antonio Herrera Jr # 396578
Unit Washington- west
Racine Correctional Inst.
 PO BOX 900
Sturtevant, WI 53177-0900

Hello My name is Antonio Herrera Jr I am 34 years old My Birthday is April 19th, I'm 57" I have Bluish-Green eyes and Dark Brown hair.

What I am looking for is someone who is open minded, someone who I can get to know and talk to about everyday things.

I am a real open minded person who is doing time in Wisconsin for being a Party to the crime that  all. I am a real out going person who likes to live his life and learn new things, I am open minded fun loving and easy to talk to. In here I do alot to fill my time by- like working I work here as a carpenter

and welder, it helps to fill my time and gives me something to look forward to. when I am not at work I like to do a few other things like Draw, workout, walk the track, watch tv and listen to the radio, I like to watch a lot of things. music wise I like to listen to a little of everything but I listen to Rock and some country for the most part,

on the streets I like to do a few things work hard, build stuff go out and try new things, BBQ, Camping really I can do most anything as long as It is. with the write person.

I hope that I can find someone who will be open minded who I can really just talk to and write about everyday things, if you have any questions at all about my self please feel free to ask me anything I have nothing to hide and look forward to meeting someone new and getting to know. I lost contact with everyone I new in Minnesota so if you would like to meet me or think you know me from before,feel free to write me and we can go from there. I like to be up front and be my self.I feel that everything is always easier this way.

For now I will close this so I can get this out to you take care with respect always.

Antonio Herrera Jr.