Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jermhal Cambell

Jermhal Cambell 348286
Po Box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805

Everyday Heroes
There are all kinds of heroes who live in this world,
All kinds of heroes we meet…
They are here in our circle of family and friends
And the strangers we pass on the street.

There are heores who somehow find strength to go on
Even when they feel weary inside.
Heroes whose gift is their honest emotion
The truth of the tears they have cried.

There are heroes whose courage saves people
And nations, who search out the safe path ahead.
And heroes whose job is to quietly listen
To tuck a small child into bed.
There are everyday heroes who touch our hearts deeply
Wihout even knowing they do.
There are heores around uis wherever we go..
there’s ahero right now within you.

So think for a moment how were you a hero today?
What did you do or what did you say?

Name: Jermhal Camphell
Status: Single with no dependents
Height 5’ 9”; weight 230; build: medium, big boned; eyes: bedroom brown; hair: clean shaven; race: African america
Interests: I enjoy dancing, khikinh , camping, flea markets, fairs, festivals;sports…lots, kearning about different cultures and exploring new things.
Seeking to establish long term friendships, romance and or posssibly nmore with woken ages 44 and up whom are sincere.
Life philosophy:Your sense of who you are will determine  your actions and what you end up getting in life. If you see your reach as limited, that you are mostly helpless in the face of so many difficulties, that is best to keep your ambitions low, then you will receive the little you expect. Knowing this dynamic, you must train yourslef for the opposite-ask for more, aim high and believe that you’re destined for something great because life without adcenture is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will is sure to be short.